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Babalorisa Paulo

Babalorisa Paulo: Meet The finest Babalawo In The World (Photos)

His name is Babalorisa Paulo Tyomolu. He practices the “Yoruba” Religion. Yes, Yoruba cool

Furthermore, he is one of the Flyest you will ever see.

This is not a motion picture or nollywood film !  While our Yoruba graduates are battling here, some individual is hustling our way of life and living fly! Damn!
Guys, don’t tell me you don’t know that the Yoruba tradition still thrives in far away Brazil, Cuba and latin America. They bear Yoruba names, speak Yoruba, though the tongue is now mixed with Portuguese. They sacrifice to Ogun, Orunmila, Sango, Obatala, and they cherish and worship Yemoja(They call it Yeamanja) more than the Nigerian Yorubas. This clean babalawo is just one of many… If ypu check his background, he has the Yoruba DNA and genes. He is not white, he is mixed(They call them mulato in South America). He is my brother, though from another mother.

Spread the words! Breaking News!

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  1. Adekunle Opeyemi

    No wonder Yoruba people are always ahead in Nigeria. God bless him.I am so proud of my culture and tradition. May the Orisa continue to live in him. Ase

  2. This is unbelievable! If you go back to Nigeria,the Yoruba origin where it is practiced fully. Many people have been turned against their traditional Religion. Igbo is even worst.

    Selling out their traditional religion. It was on Omo oodua I saw one pastor burning down a shrine in the Eastern zone. God help us with this boko haram like pastors.

  3. Nigeria Boycott CNN

    I want to be a Babalawo now.. Let take it to the next level. Religion is civilization. Be moderate and tolerant.

  4. Segun Adewake-up

    Seeing this truly makes me ponder on the progressive loss of traditional and socio-cultural values in the general public.

    The period when neighbors truly think about one another.
    when you accept food from individuals without having Bias contemplations.
    At the point when the windows have no frame or gatekeepers
    At the point when your mom send you to join different children to eat Sara and rub your hands on the host with aim of good greetings.

    At the point when Masquerade and devotees stay quiet while going before houses of worship and mosques in show of mutual respect.
    At the point when as a christian, you celebrate Muslim festivals with companions and the other way around.
    The societal Values that truly characterizes us as an individuals is quick dissolving and its truly agonizing.

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    Nigerians back-home are wasted generation.. See how it’s done in Brazil. Where is our artifacts ?still caged in UK and US museum like slaves..

  6. This is lovely.TIme for all the Babalawos to upgrade. Lets start writing more books

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