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Between EMEKA and Akpos!

EMEKA: You are a fool Akpos! You
don’t know anything!
AKPOS: Hahan Emeka! It’s a lie!
EMEKA: It’s true! I will prove it. If
you see two rays of light on the road
at night, what will you call it?
AKPOS: A car!
EMEKA: Ehen, but which kind of car?

A Benz, A Peugeot or A Lexus?

AKPOS: I don’t know that one oh!
EMEKA: You see! Anyway, second
proof. If you see a ray of light on the
road at night, what will you call it?
AKPOS: An okada (motorbike)!
EMEKA: Ehen! Which one? A Suzuki,
A Yamaha or A Kawasaki? AKPOS: Hahan! How I’m I suppose to
EMEKA: You see! I’ve shown you that
you are a fool.
AKPOS: Na wa o! This your question
self. Let me ask you my own
question. If you see a woman on the
roadside with miniskirt, big breast,
red lips and a big ass, what will you
call her?
EMEKA: A prostitute! AKPOS: Ehen, but which one? Your
your sister or your daughter?
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