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Festivals in Nigeria

Check out TOP 10 Famous Festivals in Nigeria

Festivals that celebrate tradition and display history are common to peoples and cultures all over the world. In Nigeria, the many and varied festivals are usually colourful avenues through which the cultural heritage of the people is showcased and celebrated. Artistic presentations, singing and dancing and so on characterise these festivals and each of the diverse cultures in Nigeria has one or the other that has refused to lose relevance, in spite of the influences of modernisation and Western religions.

Nigeria’s 10 Famous Festivals


The Sango Festival is held in honour of Sango, Omoekun (“son of a tiger”), from whom the present day Alaafin of Oyo Oba derives the title.

Sango was the second son of Oranyan, the first alaafin and the seventh grandchild of Oduduwa in Ile Ife. Upon the passing of Oduduwa, the grandchildren dispersed from Ile Ife, forming different Yoruba kingdoms in the western part of Nigeria.

According to oral history, Sango was said to be so powerful that he amassed a formidable empire in Africa and transported Oyo culture beyond the Oyo Empire. He was a strong warrior, regarded during his time as a symbol of power and truth. He was the supreme judge in Oyo Empire and the final court

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