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Healthy Kidney

Check out top 12 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Kidney !

The kidneys are essential organs which are expected to keep up sound living. As of now, about 1 new case of kidney disappointment is seen day by day in any outpatient center in Nigeria with a few facilities seeing more than 3 new cases each day. Living with unending kidney ailments creates a big financial burden on patients in view of the need at least 3 sessions of hemodialysis every day, drugs administered amid every session, way of life adjustment, change in eating regimen and the expense and burden of having a kidney transplant. A lot of patients have kicked the bucket of kidney sickness and have been burdens to care givers and the general public however this can be stayed away from by avoiding certain ways of life that harms the kidneys.

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  1. Ejykman Anichebe

    May God help us as we try our best.

  2. Shehu Abubakar

    do you know that 95% of causes of Kidney failure are results of our lifestyle? If only people can live well, there will be less kidney diseases.

  3. Shehu Abubakar

    I have gone through the points listed. You spoke well. I have been into it for 11 years now

  4. Yakub Muraina

    Great. Thanks! We want this kind of interjections more often. Let the politicians kill themselves.

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