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Checkout top 5 Things You Need To Survive In The Real World As A Nigerian Graduate

(3) GUT: According to oxford advance learner dictionary, gut is defined as the courage or ability to do something difficult or unpleasant. The truth is that life is not fair for anybody, and definitely you are going to have your own share of life’s difficulty in your quest for success. If you must succeed in the real world, gut is a necessary factor, because without it you will lack the courage to take action when things are not favorable, and that will keep you long in the valley of mediocrity. You may be very intelligent while in school, but after graduation you will discover that so many of your classmates who were not as intelligent as you were back in your school days are getting ahead, the reason is simply because they have the gut to try their ideas and that’s what is getting them going.

To develop this quality, all you have to do is to cure yourself of every known fear. Experts in the field of personal development have identified certain fears that contribute to people’s failure in life. Such fears include, the fear of death, fear of loss love, fear of ill-health, fear of criticism, fear of physical pain, fear of old age and so on. I assure you that if you can master these basic fears, you are going to have enough gut to try anything. Action is what produces result. You will never succeed if you don’t try and to try all you need is gut.

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