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Checkout top 5 Things You Need To Survive In The Real World As A Nigerian Graduate

(4) HARD WORK: In all of human history, hard work has been a critical tool of success, nothing can replace it. For you to survive and excel in the real world, you need an unwavering ability to take action, and persevere until you succeed. Most persons fail in life due to idleness. If you want to be poor all you need to do is be idle, and before you know it poverty will overtake you. A wise man once said that “where talent is lazy, hard work overtakes it”. No matter how knowledgeable, gifted and talented you are, if you refused to be hard-working, you will definitely be a failure. Always have it in mind that hard work is the only way. Never forget to always blend your hard work with strategic planning and persistence. Hard work combined in this manner will produce success.

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