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Checkout top 5 Things You Need To Survive In The Real World As A Nigerian Graduate

(5) NETWORKING: Networking has to do with your ability to connect with people that will help you in getting to your next level. Niyi Adesanya, a personal development expert based in Nigeria once define individual competitiveness (in my own word, your capacity for success) as ‘’what you know + how you express it × by who you know and who knows you’’. I completely agree with his definition. The caliber of people you know and people who know you has a way of facilitating your success in life. As the world is today, the people we know to be the best in certain field are not actually the best. There are so many people who would have out-shined them if they are brought out of obscurity, but because they are not known by those who can position them to receive the honour they are worthy of, they remain irrelevant in their cocoon. If we must fully maximize our potential and remain relevant, our ability to network and connect with people who can help us get to our next level is critical.

Author: Taiwo Emayosanlomo, Success coach and Personal development expert.

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