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Ebo/ Etutu (Sacrifice)

EBO /ETUTU literarily termed as “sacrifice”. Sacrifice is act of offering something to a God(Irunmole/Orisha) to give or do something good for you in return. It is the giving) up or foregoing of some valued thing for the sake of something of greater value or having a more pressing claim. Ebo / Etutu in Yoruba tradition means more than this.

What is Ebo?
Solving problems through Ebo (Etutu)
EBO is the child of Orunmila. Orunmila brought ebo to this Ile Ife (earth ? ) to solve the problems of human beings. People on earth use ebo not only to solve problems but to alleviate suffering. After the sacrifice (Ebo) is made a babalawo will consult Ifa to ensure that it is carried to the proper place. Ebo will then invite Esu who will then take the etutu to heaven where it will be accepted. In this way it is not only the prayers that are answered but problems are resolved and suffering alleviated.
Ebo is very powerful thing that holds the smooth running of life of an individual. Those who makes ebo live a peaceful life.
When one has a problem or hidden things to be solved babalawo will be consulted for divination in order to uncover the hidden things and the ebo will be prescribed to make the thing proper as you wish. The ability to do this leads to successfulness of the thing.



Why Do We Need Ebo/ Etutu In Our Life

Every individual has his/her own destiny, some are destiny to rich while some are destiny poor
Both rich and poor deserve ebo /Etutu occasionally or frequently based on one level of difficulties. Those that are rich need ebo to maintain smoothness of their life and to be free from other problems of life and those that are poor need ebo to turn their bad luck to good luck to enjoy their life.

1. We need ebo for long life, truly every bodies must die either you like it or not but for one to live long as destiny ebo is important so that you will be free from dangers of life.
Ifa says
Tiku Tiku lanpete agba
Agbalagba npe ara re laiku
Adifafun orunmila nijo ti won fi ojo iku baba da ola.
Atola dola igbada
Ola kiitan leyin ola igbada…..

2. Every human being want to be rich or to be blessed in life ebo is more important to accomplish the blessing of life because when we make ebo it takes away the suffering of ones life
3. Those who want to blessed with good companion need to divined ifa and make necessary ebo to accomplish it etc
Ebo is the key to life of an individual,

Ipori ogo kiije kogo ote
Ori Baaru loda ninu esin
Adifafun etutu eyi ti nse omo Ogbe ate
Kini eyin nse nibeye ti aye fi gun?
Etutu lawa nse nibe Ti aye fi ngun.
Etutu nikan nise omo Ogbe ate
Our life shall be blessed
It is importanto that ebo is prepared correctly otherwise the problem may not be solved. If ebo is prepared correctly and the instructions of IFA followed there is no problem.
There is no a certain time period for the power of Ebo to work. In the olden days one used to hide and watch to see if the ebo had been accepted. However, now in modern times this cannot be done. A good babalawo will know how to check after the Ebo has been settled to see that it has been accepted without watching…..
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