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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Wiwa laawa Babalawo ko to rubo fun ni (Ejiogbe )

We look for Babalawo to perform sacrifice for you.
1. A good Babalawo doesn’t advertise himself
2. A good Babalawo will be searched for even if he lives under the soil
3. A good Babalawo doesn’t use any other method to read people other than opele or ikin ifa or any other form of divination approved by Orunmila
4. A good Babalawo doesn’t boast that he can turn daylight to midnight
5. A good Babalawo doesn’t scare, harass, and intimidate people with fabricated prophecy to enrich their pockets.
6. A good Babalawo doesn’t coerce people into doing ebo (sacrifice )
7. A good Babalawo doesn’t lie to solve his financial predicament
8 . A good Babalawo shall always be rewarded for dedication and righteousness.
If you belong to any of these negative categories like someone ( fake Babalawo ) tried to do to my cousin, you better stop for your own good before the wrath of the gods descend on you.
Those who have ears, let them hear.
Stay blessed all good people.
From Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria.

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