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DISCLAIMER: Yoruba Tradition Elders Committee on Oba Bolu Fatunmise

Yoruba Tradition Elders Committee decided to issue another release on Oba Bolu Fatunmise. As Oba Bolu Fatunmise has decided to reject Irunmole and embraced Jesus as he rightly stated in the video released to the public, we are now advising the members of the public to desist from going to him for Yoruba tradition spiritual services. Anybody who will patronise him on the basis of Yoruba tradition is doing so at his or her own risk. He ceased to be one of us. Dr Adigun Olosun, Baba Olosun of Osogboland for Yoruba Tradition Elders Committee.


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  1. Matthew Oluyede

    Anyone that rejects yoruba’s tradition & culture must be excommunicated.

  2. Balogun Adesina

    I no blame them chebi na una dey collect money from them and make them King or Chiefs and when they turn back against una, una go dey cry like Egbere wey dem collect him mat

  3. AllCars

    Yes is true oracle choos king bfore now is politis tht choos king let,s leave wat we will eat today and work for tomorrow

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