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Hungry giraffes

Pictures/Video: Hungry giraffes zeroed in on Safari goers

Safari trips are for watching creatures and thriving in nature’s magnificence yet a group of Danish safari goers turned into the center of enthusiasm after a group of hungry giraffes zeroed in on them at the Aloha Safari Park in North Carolina.

The well disposed creatures jabbed their head into the group’s visit transport and focused their attention on a lady and her carrots which they were anxious to test. in any case, the lady isn’t excited with the intrusion of personal space.

She screamed as two giraffes approach her from both sides, giggling with fear as she falls down.

She in the end gets the message and places the carrot far from her, the move works and she’s took off alone as the creatures tuck into the munchy treat.

Be that as it may, one exceptionally amicable creature just can’t allow her to sit unbothered and once again pokes neck in, bending it round to face her.

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