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God go Do am, I Must Sleep With Ronaldo, Wizkid Before I resign– New President Of National Prostitutes’ Association

She was sitting inside her broad palour, situated on a swampy road in Ikotun range of Lagos when this correspondent got her. Jessica Elvis, the president-elect of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, just wrapped up her lunch when the correspondent arrived. ‘You are not an agriculturist. I wear wash your back o,” she said flippantly with a warm handshake in the midst of sprightly grin.

In the red light zone, Elvis, whose genuine name is Oluchi needs no presentation. She was until her race as the new president of NANP, the longest serving secretary, between 2002 to 2015

In this selective meeting with DAILY POST’s Ameh Comrade, the mother of one spoke on her triumph at the Saturday’s survey, plans for the association and why she might want to have intercourse to Real Madrid and Portuguese soccer star, C Ronaldo and in addition Nigerian music sensation, Dayo Balogun, also known as Wizkid before she resigns.


You’ve been agitating for the baton of leadership of this association, tell us the plans you have for NANP?

I must really confess, it’s not easy as seen from the stand. But there’s nothing much, I have been the third in command since 2002 (General Secretary) and I have been doing most of the jobs. I don’t see much difference though.  Talking about the plan, like I said during my campaign, I want to let people know that you don’t have to work in NNPC or Central Bank before you make it in life.
As the new president of NANP, I will make sure our members are well taken care of. I will ensure all our offices across the 36 states of the federation start functioning. I will also make sure all registered members get ID card.  As you can see, the world has gone global and we should also follow the trend; in this regard, we have proposed to launch a new website which will have the profile and contacts of all our registered members across the country. If anyone is in need of our service, all you need to do is to go online and make your choice.

Secondly, I will also fight for the freedom and security of our members. We’ve heard of cases of our members being molested and killed. It is callous. We will have to stop all that.

I will also try to approach the new government on how to make life better for us. We supported the president during his campaign. We even declared free sex when he won and we expect him to reciprocate by looking into our plight. We are also part of the society.

You have been the Secretary General of this association since 2002, what do you think the last leader failed to do?

See, I don’t want to rubbish anybody. My joy is that I have won and I am here to work for those who elected me.

Your predecessor, Madam Efoyo claimed you didn’t win the election, how would you react to that?

If she says I didn’t win, let her call the police to come and arrest me na. All I can say is that I won the election and there is no doubt about that.

Why the choice for prostitution while there are other jobs out there?

Point of correction, we are not prostitutes.

Who are you then?

We are friends of the society. Call us peacemakers. National Association of Nigerian Peacemakers.

Do you regret choosing this part of profession?

Why should I regret what puts food on my table; built me houses in Lagos and Abuja and even trained my daughter in school? I have no reason whatsoever to regret.

So you have a daughter?

Yes of course, she went for summer coaching. She is 15 years now.

When and how did you give birth to her?

I gave birth to her fifteen years ago.

Where is the dad?

That is story for another day.

You mean she doesn’t know who her father is?

Must she? I am both the father and mother.

Are you telling us you impregnated yourself?

Maybe or maybe not

…;Laughs (Give me make I marry her na)

If you near her, I go cut you ‘bell’ (laughter). My pikin no go marry Nigerian oo.

Would you allow her to take after you?

When she comes of age, she would decide

How old are you?

I don’t know, my mum didn’t tell me when I was born.

But do you have any plan of leaving this work and getting married some day?

Marriage drove me into this and I hate the word marriage with passion.

You mean you were once married?

Yes, but things fell apart. But I’m glad because it was a blessing in disguise.

When do you plan to retire?

Maybe when I make love to C Ronaldo (laughter)

Do you mean the Portuguese footballer?

(Excitedly) Yes! He is my crush. I love him so much that his pictures even turn me on (laughter). I use to tease my colleagues that I must sleep with him and Wiz Kid before I retire.

Have you met Wiz Kid one on one?

We have met on several occasions but he doesn’t know me. I even have a picture I took with him during a show in Eko Hotel, but he doesn’t know what I do.

So, how do you intend to sleep with him?

God go do am when the time comes.

Talking about God, do you go to church?

Of course, I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ. I don’t miss church activities. Sometimes, I would declare fasting and prayer for business to come. Whenever I’m fasting, I don’t go out or ‘do’ that day.

Where do you worship?

For credibility sake, let’s leave out the name of the church.

Aside the people you sleep with, do you have any special person?

Yes, I have a boyfriend. It would shock you to know that I am very jealous. The day I noticed my guy was cheating on me, I nearly cut off his thing.

Is he aware you are a ‘peacemaker’?

No, he is not based in Lagos.

What if he gets to know?

Na you wan tell am?

Is Jessica Elvis your real name?

No, my real name is Oluchi.

What is you father’s name?

His name is my father

Where did you come from?

I’m a Nigerian.

Which State precisely?

Must you know my state?

Are your parents aware you are a prostitute, sorry, peacemaker?

Not really.

Do you still go out to ‘make peace’?

Well, I have a bigger responsibility now. I now control over 20,000 people. So my movements would have to reduce.

What is your take on the legalization of same sex marriage?

I am neither against nor in support of it, but all I know is that whatever makes you happy, do it.

Do you make love to women?

No, I’m not a lesbian.

Don’t you think you are offending God?

You holy pass me? It’s funny that people have already condemned us to hell. But it would shock you on the last day to see who will be in heaven and hell. As for me, I am going to heaven. I don’t know about you.

What have you achieved from this job?

I have cars. I eat food of my choice. I have been able to put a roof on the head of my parents. I have properties across the country. I have clothing line and several other businesses.

Do you have male members?

You wan join? (General laughter)

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