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Happy Jakuta: Iba Orisha – Yoruba Dances from Cuba (Video)

Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, former dancer of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, is presenting various Yoruba dances for Orishas at the Susanne Wenger Foundation in the city of Krems, Austria.

The dances include the Orisha Elegba, Ogun, Oshosi, Yemaya, Oshun, Oya, Shango and Obatala.

The artspace is dedicated to the memory of Austrian artist Susanne Wenger, Adunni Olorisha, and her artwork. Wenger moved to Oshogbo, Nigeria, in the 1950, founded the New Sacred Arts movement and is responsible for the preservation of the sacred grove for the Orisha Oshun.

Yusimi Moya Rodriguez is accompanied by Christian Martinek, who plays the three Cuban Batá-drums and is singing in Lukumí, the Cuban version of sacred Yoruba texts. The dance presentation was combined with a theoretical lecture about the different qualities of the Orisha, the Yoruba deities.

Thanks to Manfred Wagner for Recording and Martha and Wolfgang Denk from the Susanne Wenger Foundation for the invitation.

More information on these dances on www.cubancontemporary.com and information about the visual artwork on www.susannewengerfoundation.at

Iba orisha, ore yeye oshun ooo!

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  1. Segun Akerele

    These are trully our people

  2. Aminu Hamisu Yusuf

    If they are doing this profound orientation in the diaspora, what about we Nigeria the giant in d sun and d most populous African.

    • Adekunle Opeyemi

      Awareness is catching on globally but poverty that they have introduced as weapons against us has to be destroyed first. We should be able to annex the power of the Orisas to create and distribute wealth among us.

    • Balogun Adesina

      Its a joy to hear that we are having impact globally. Lets do more for iam anxious to c Africa take her stand culturally to prove to d whites that we are not crazy afterall. For we know that everything started from Africa with particular emphasis on Nigeria. Even d bibilical stories all took place in Nigeria eg nri on d cross is in d eastern part, queen of Sheba is in Ikorodu kano is mecca etc. If u are indoubt consult wit Satguru Mahara j Ji. Recently d pope said jesus is no longer coming..that said so under d influence of alcohol. Lets investigate. Some confessions coming from d vatican.

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