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If Soyinka Does Not Make Heaven: Nigerian Pastors To Blame (JOD)

JOD – Joke of the Day !!
Fellow Nigerian Pastors, It was a most challenging evening for me when the Holy Spirit ministered to me that if Prof. Wole Soyinka should die not accepting and confessing Jesus Christ publicly as his Lord and Saviour and consequently make many of his ‘disciples’ to repent, then Nigeria a country so loved by God, a country that is affecting and changing lives of many across the globe, but should fail to win Soyinka to the side of Jesus Christ, then the whole Nigerian pastors will pay dearly for this negligence.


Jesus Christ said the soul of this professor is very dear to Him. When Saul of Tarsus was wrecking havoc on the Church, it took just a priest in Damascus to pray and Saul was arrested and converted. Oh Lord arise and arrest this self confessed atheist in Nigeria in the midst of God’s Generals. Given the calamitous state in which Soyinka has plunged himself today, any of our pastors can reach out to him and pray for him to accept Jesus Christ, repent of all the sins his cult-group – The Black Axe and Pirates has committed on innocent people on Nigerian campuses.


The lecturers he has initiated and breeding cultists and terrorists across our land. Soyinka will soon be summoned before the international court of justice for crime against humanity. What good has this cultist brain child brought to our nation? All professions – Law , Doctors, Engineers that initially thrives via cultism are today accepting Christ, courtesy of Nigerian pastors. The big fish – Soyinka must be converted in Jesus name. Nigerian pastors please pray earnestly that Jesus Christ do what He did to Saul of Tarsus to this self confessed atheist.


Oh Lord how do you feel seeing people like Charly Girl where there are great pastors that has the wherewithal to reach out to him. God has raised pastors in our nation that commands respect and can not be brushed aside by the likes of Soyinka and others like him. Oh Lord speak to our fathers. Oh Lord make Ananias in Nigeria. Raise prophet Nathan in our nation that can make president, Governors, Senators to change from their evil ways and rule the country with fear of God. This is my prayer Oh LORD. I have delivered your message Oh LORD!

Apostle OO Oyewole

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