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256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji
256 odu ifa Signatures © Ifa University Photo/Moyo Okediji

Ifá náà ki bayi wípé: Adaku Adaoku

Good morning my people, how was your night? Hope it was greatly enjoyed, i wish you all a bless victory day.
Let us use this holy corpus of ogundarikulola for today’s prayer.
Hear what the corpus said:
Ada toko nbo o daku gbonrangandan bi oko it cast divined for Aikulola, the close servant of Orisa Eledumare, Aikulola was in the bondage and serving as a slave in the house of orisa Eledumare, Aikulola was advised to offer sacrifice and give them to orisa Eledumare so that he may be free from the bondage and have a free life movement, and those materials he was advised to offered are taboos of Eledumare, Aikulola complied and he gave those materials to orisa Eledumare, orisa was very baffled and he ordered that Aikulola should be tied and place at backyard with those items of sacrifices that were forbidden to orisa Eledumare, truly Aikulola was tied and placed at the backyard, it was ògún tinrin moko the owner of big cutlass that is coming from the ejigbomekun market where he went to fought, he had dried off and starved, and he wish to visit orisa Eledumare before going home, when he reached the backyard of orisa Eledumare he met Aikulola where he was tied with those materials and ògún lákayé was happy, he ate everything finished and he took his cutlass and cut the rope that was tied in both hands and legs of Aikulola, after that, ògún lákayé entered orisa Eledumare house and he greeted orisa Eledumare, he then told him that he had set Aikulola free from where he was tied and orisa Eledumare accepted, this is how Aikulola was set free, that is why we do call this corpus ogundaikulola, Aikulola was dancing and rejoicing praising priest the priests were praising ifá while ifá was praising Eledumare.

My people, i pray this morning that ògún lákayé will set us free from the bondage of wordly people, may we never experience aggriverance of ògún lákayé and pool of blood will never be our portions today Àse.

Faniyi David Osagbami

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