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Ifa sees what is happening – Must Read !

A friend of mine told me that one of her sister’s husband is very sick for the past few months. He has been hospitalized but still no sign of any changes. She knows I’m a traditionalist so she told me to please help them consult Ifa to know the cause and the solution to it. I actually did the consultation.
Ifa revealed that the cause of the man’s problem is simply because he’s having a love affair with one particular lady that he’s not suppose to be doing. Ifa further describe the lady stature. I explained to this my friend what Ifa had revealed but I warned her not to tell her sister what Ifa said about her husband so that she won’t overreact. I told her all we need to do presently is to try so Ebo and make some medicine he will be using so that he will get well. The woman called me herself, I explained to her that all we need to do is Ebo and do some medicines for him to get well. Unfortunately, next few days before we started working, my friend later told her sister what Ifa had said about her husband having an affair with another lady outside.
Her sister went to meet her husband on his sick bed and asked him if truly he’s having an extra marital affairs. Despite the fact that the man is so sick and close to his death, still he denied it bluntly and even swear with Jesus Christ that he’s not into such act at all.
In few months, the man died!!!
Two weeks later, a lady came to to the man’s house with a boy of 7years old. When she entered, she introduced herself to everyone and took the boy to where he was buried and she said “that’s where your father is buried”.  That’s how what Ifa had said months ago came to pass.
So believe me, no matter what Ifa knows what’s going on. Ifá see what we can’t see ordinarily. No word of Ifa will go without coming to pass.”
Àború Àboyè ooo


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