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Ifa naa ki bayi wipe: Emi ote, Iwo ote

Good morning my people, how was your night? Hope it was greatly enjoyed, wishing you all happy ifá day, may Eledumare make us witness many more Àse.
Let us use this holy corpus of eji elemere for today’s prayer.
Hear what the corpus said:

Emi ote( I am hatred)
Iwo ote(you are hatred)
It is when hatred became two that became real
It cast divined for the father that his head used to received many goodness but his leg was failed to collect the goodness, he was advised to offer sacrifice so that whenever his head receive goodness his legs will be able to go and collect it, two kola nuts……… and he complied, aftermath whenever his head receive goodness his legs will go and collect it, he started dancing and rejoicing praising priest the priests were praising ifa while ifa was praising Eledumare .
He started singing the song of ifa that:
Whenever okan germinated inside the bush
it will come down to the road
Goodness will surely locate me goodness
When we pouring water on our heads it will come down to our legs
Goodness will surely locate me goodness.
My people, I prayer this morning that our legs will never work against our heads, whenever our heads receive goodness our legs will go there and collect it, we shall overcome the problem of promise and fail, disappointment, and drop down problem Àse.


Faniyi David Osagbami

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