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Ijinle Ninu Oro Ifa Fi Ye Wa Nipa Bi Ila Se De Atelewo Wa.
k- Faniyi David Osagbami

Ijinle Ninu Oro Ifa Fi Ye Wa Nipa Bi Ila Se De Atelewo Wa.

Good morning my people, hope your night was good, i pray this morning that we shall seek for a grace of OLODUMARE ase. As people used to say that “it was palm will met mark(line) of our hands but nobody knew who drew it” yes, it is true but ifa philosophy made us known who draw the line of our palms.
The verse explained thus;
Ogbe karele Omo osin
Ogbe karele omo ora
Omo Ogun rere ona alede it cast divined for orunmila
when he was travelling to a long journey, he cast divined and
it was revealed out that he should use a kola nuts that is still
inside a pod to feed his “okeiponri” but orunmila was unable to
get it, later he summoned courage to be going on his journey,
fortunately when he walked a while he saw a kola nuts tree
that produced plenty of kola nuts and orunmila was very happy
that he had seen what he will use to feed his “okeiponri”
orunmila looks round but he didn’t found the fallen one and he
Shouted maybe the owner is in the farm to seek for order before taking it but he did’nt heard any response, and he climb tree to take one, when he got down from the tree esu
odara came out and told orunmila that he caught him today,
that it was orunmila that use to stole their kola nuts since
these days and in the early life whosoever that caught for
stealing will be killed, and orunmila trying to explain but esu
odara didn’t listen to him, immediately he took out small knife
(obeke) and he used it to drew line on the palms of orunmila so that he may use it to identify him in the second day,
orunmila returned back home and he used the kola nuts to fed his oke iponri after that he cast divination on what
he would do so that esu odara will not put him to public shame, and the corpus advised orunmila to use a certain ifa leaf to block the mouth of he-goat and give it to esu and orunmila complied, when it was second day, esu odara
esu odara gathered everybody in the town in front of olofin’s palace that
he catched a thief yesterday that used to steal their kola nuts and he marked his palms with his knife, immediately the mark has transferred to everybody’s hand, when esu odara called
the first person to open his hand he found mark on it, when
the second person opens his hand there was also mark there
till everybody noticed that there was a mark in their hands, esu
odara didn’t knew what to say anymore, everybody started
shouting that how did mark reached their hands, that is what
they were asking themselves till everybody returned back to
their abode, and people started mockery esu and calling him a
lair, that is how orunmila did not put to shame, he was
dancing and rejoicing praising priest the priests were praising ifa while ifa was praising OLODUMARE .

In this odu, that is why we are using kola nuts that has not
been removed inside pod to feed it(ogbeka), also if it revealed
that we should feed esu odara with he-goat(obuko) there is
certain leaf of if we will use to block the mouth of that he-goat
before slaughtering on the top of esu.


Ifa advised the person that he/she will do something unintentionally but people will turn it to another thing so that they may mock and disgrace
him/her but if he/she can offer those sacrifices the disgrace
will not manifest on him/her and his/her journey will yield a great joy and happiness.


So that is why people used to say it was palm we met mark(line) but we didn’t know who drew it.
My people, I pray this morning that we shall never be put to public disgrace, esu will never put us into trouble, whatever things we do according to ifa orders or unintentionally will never back fire us amen.

Faniyi David Osagbami

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