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Olawunmi Sarafa

Iwure ojo ajé toni jade ninu odu mimo ogbe onigun.

Good morning my people, how was your night? Hope you slept soundly, I pray this morning that God in his unlimited mercy will grant us a peaceful life, we shall live in a comfortable life Ase.
This morning my prayer comes from holy corpus of ogbe onigun.
Hear what the corpus said:
Pété ìnàkí
Egbèje àgbàdo
Àgbàdo egbèje
It cast divined for them in Ìgùnmojò the child of olówó eyo when they were advised to offer sacrifice so that they may have plenty money to survive themselves, two kola nuts, plenty of cowries, plenty of corns, cake beans, corn cake and ifa leafs and they complied, aftermath they have enough money to survive their livings, they started dancing and singing praising priest the priests were praising ifa while ifa was praising God.
They started singing the song of ifa that:
This is ìgùn the child of olówó eyo
This is ìgùn the child of olówó eyo oh
It is olówó eyo we do called ìgùn.
My people, I pray this morning that God will provide enough money that we will use to survive our livings for us, we shall not die of hunger, the goddess of wealth will locate each and everyone of us today Ase.

Faniyi David Osagbami

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