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Pics: Lagosians carry their generators to buy fuel instead of Metal cans

The idea of not selling in Jerry cans is good because it’s too dangerous to sell such inflamable spirit into such cans.  However seeing the lady conveying her child and as yet conveying the generator is really heartbreaking.

Storing fuel:
  1. Never put petrol or diesel into cans or containers and leave them in the house. …
  2. Store any petrol or diesel in a garage or outbuilding, as far away from your home as possible. …
  3. Never decant petrol or diesel from one container to another.
  4. Never start the engine of a vehicle while you are filling it with fuel.
  5. The best way to store is to get metal can instead of carrying generators to filling station, get a metal can.

When will this end? At the point when? No light? No fuel? No occupations? So tragic! See more photographs after the break page..

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