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Oodua History 101: Meet the King that never sold out Oodua race

Alaafin Oyo was initially regarded as the Paramount ruler in Oodua (Yoruba) Land because, Oyo happened to be an empire and political headquarter of some Oodua people (Yorubas). but it is trite to know that, Oyo Empire didn’t cover the entire Oodua (Yoruba) land but kings who are subservient or surbodinate to Alaafin or King whose land had been taken by conquest.

Moreover, during colonial era some monarchs were elevated as a result of selling their subject into slavery to our colonial masters such as: Alake of Egba, Awujale, Alaafin others but, Olugbo remains the only king that never allowed himself and his subjects to be subjugated or be subjected to colonial authority.

The name of Oba Mafimisebi, the 21st Olugbo of Ugbo Land may not sound familiar or ring a bell but, he was one of the African monarchs that fought vehemently to resist colonial authority and never ceded his land to colonial authority which led to his subsequent deposition and deportation to Calabar from 1921- 1927 and eventually came to regain his throne. not only Olugbo Kings like: Oba Akenzua of Benin, King Jaja of Opobo , Olu of Itshekiri and others also fought to resist colonial authority .

But, during post colonial era, in the first republic Ooni of Ife, Oba Aderemi Adesoji was elevated above every other monarchs as result of his involvement in Western politics which has always generated heated controversy between Alaafin and Ooni for decades but, now that the ancestral King has come out I admonish them to jettison their pride pave way for him.

Olugbo’s contention is not on the basis of his substantial personal wealth or popularity but on the Aboriginality of Ugbo in Ife before the arrival Oduduwa and for the fact that his throne predates the ascendency of Oduduwa therefore he is superior to every other monarchs being the occupant of the oldest kingship throne in Oodua (Yoruba) Land.

I know within my deepest psyche that everyone can’t sleep and maintain the same direction, and I am not forcing anyone to subscribe to Olugbo’s version of history but let’s try to exhibit some level of deference and moral precept especially when venting our views. This platform is for Oodua (Yoruba) history and everyone is free to tell his own side

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