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Nigerian Police Working against their Ancestors: Police arrested Pros.Moyo Okediji for building ÀKÒDÌ ÒRÌṢÀ.

*Political Correctness working against Cultural Openness

It was reported a few days ago that the Nigerian police single handedly decided to arrest a professor in Ifa, Professor Moyo Okediji  for building ÀKÒDÌ ÒRÌṢÀ.

See the short report of the event that went on from the University of Ifa by Professor Moyo Okediji.
‘The Nigerian Police arrested me yesterday for building the ÀKÒDÌ ÒRÌṢÀ. They said I was building a house for the Orisa.
They are right. I have built a house for the Orisa. But my lawyer says it is legal and constitutional for me to build a temple for whomsoever I desire.’


‘This is what happens when Politically correct ideas work against cultural Openness, these are people who are brainwashed to attacking their roots or origin, henceforth their ancestor says  an Ifa Chief priest


A lenient spokesperson for Orisa Tradition says ‘If it’s Brazil or European countries they will take is precious and a tourist center. Nigerians prefer following a religion that they don’t know the roots. Baba keep doing your things IFA aagbew lapapo‘.

This has generated massive condemnation against the Nigerian police for taking a look at the Buidling and decided to just arrest the professor.

On getting to the professor, this question was asked and he replied.

May I please ask you further explanation about a different law system in a different culture: why would it be forbidden to build a house for Orixas? How do they know it´s not a conventional house but a yet-to-become sacred building?

Professor Moyo Okediji: They took one look at it and it was apparent to them, from the embellishments with use of indigenous African materials, that it is most likely for the purpose of celebrating indigenous ways.

A student of Ifa University ‘Adeleke Ademola says  ‘They must be very stupid, though, am a Muslim, if I built a mosque they are coming to arrest me?’
Another student Guzzi Rarely answered:  No bro.


This news have generated massive condemnation all across the country, we will bring in more update soon.



Here is the beautiful photo of the Edifice ÀKÒDÌ ÒRÌṢÀ.


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