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Nigerians are under attack in Pretoria CBD, South Africa – Videos

This is the preamble

I’ve practiced in the CBD for 10 years+now. During this time I’ve observed drug dealers doing their things, I’ve observed the drug dependent shooting up their veins and observed people living it up with dagga.

During this time I’ve also seen the quick hand over of drugs to persons in slow moving vehicles for collection- both blacks n whites. I’ve seen druggies receiving drugs as birthday present from the dealers. I’ve seen many of them come n go just sitting in my reception.

During this time as well, I’ve seen law enforcement aid n abate crimes involving drug dealers, they simply arrest them, take money from them and drop them off the next robot.

I’ve seen all these….. but u know what? …Not once did I see a Nigerian involved in drug peddling on the streets and among the hobos in pta central. Now I’m not saying some Nigerians are not into drugs- infact they are, big time. But the incident of the shooting of a taxi driver that unfolded in town today is very unlikely to be a Nigerian giving my experience watching from afar. 

For the SABC to report about this unverified incident as a war between taxi driver vs Nigerian drug dealers is unbecoming n needs to be challenged. It is unlikely that a Nigerian was involved. 

Meanwhile Nigerians shops have been completely looted n some burnt to the ground….from this incidence one can only come to one conclusion….that Nigerians are under attack in SA and they are not protected by the law!

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