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Good morning my people, how was your night? Hope it was great, wishing you all happy weekend.
It is IWORI MEJI Corpus that revealed this morning, ifa advised whoever this corpus revealed out for to offer sacrifice very well so that he/she will not born a chronic thief and stubborn child, ifa mainly advised a pregnant woman in our environs or if she was the one that casted this ifa to use her present wore cloth when this ifa was casted to offer sacrifice because of the baby she carried in, so that the baby will not become “Anneni” that will be thieving and molesting her integrity in the future.
Hear what the corpus said: Ogun ja bi iji wolu orisa oko lo rin ihoho woja it cast divined for Yewande the one that will have a pregnancy of thief in her stomach, she was advised to offer sacrifice so that she would never beget thief and stubborn child, (two kola nuts, check remaining inside my group;ifa leaves) but she refused to offered the sacrifice, when she delivered the baby he was a boy, he started growing like esu odara child, the child became a critical robber and he started thieving and behaving rascally, that was how he destroyed the reputation of his mother, Yewande became useless and shameless person in the society, and she started blaming her self for not offering the sacrifice that she was advised to offered.
People started singing for her that: Yewande you are not a good person,
Yewande you did not act like a good somebody
You are the one that had pregnancy and use it to beget thief Yewande you did not act like a good somebody.
My people, I pray that we shall never give birth to thief and stubbornness child, our child will never join robbers, we shall never beget a child that will tarnish our image and become a shameless person in the society ase.


PREPARATION………Join OKodoro ohun enu ifa group for the process.

1. Why did Yewande refused to offered the sacrifice(kini idi ti Yewande fi ko ti ko fi rubo)?
2. What is the best topic for this lesson(kini oruko to ba ayoka yi mu julo ti a le fun)?

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