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odu ifa

Odu, “Òtùá Yèpín (Òtúá yèkú)”- cast for today’s Ose Ifa

Looking at the Odu, “Òtùá Yèpín(Òtúá yèkú)” cast for today’s Ose Ifa, what else can we ask from Elérìí Ìpín, Witness to Destiny, if not favourable destiny. Just listen to the stanza

Òtúá yèpín wóò adé l’abá l’órí
Adífá fún Òtúá òun Òyèkú
Tí wón yóó yanrí olà látòde òrun wáyé
Ñjé mo yanrí olà nì tèmi
Òtùá òun Òyèkú lò yanrí olà látòde òrun wáyé
Mo yanrí olà ní tèmi

odu ifa

Otua looked at its fate, it was a crown we saw on the head
Cast divination for Òtùá and Òyèkú
Who chose favourable destiny from heaven to earth
Don’t you know that I have also chosen fate of prosperity
It was Òtúá with Òyèkú who chose favourable destiny from heaven to earth
I have chosen fate of wealth myself.

May Elérìí ìpín ( Òrúnmìlà) elevate our fate.

Stay blessed

From Araba of Oworo Lagos Nigeria in Brazil

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