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obara meji

Check out The Odu cast today for Ose-Ifa, “Obara meji”

Looking at the Odu cast today for Ose-Ifa, “Obara meji”, “easy does it”, so says Ifa:-
Ikanju ko se j’aye
Warawara ko see ju s’apo
Gbogbo oun t’Olorun ba fun ni laagba
Adifa fun Eyi t’o nrin omo Ejiobara
Eropo ero ofa bo pe titi eeyan to ti nrin a de’le more
Hastening doesn’t guarantee life enjoyment
Danger is not habitable
Whatever God gives us should be accepted in good faith
Cast divination for a Walker, the child of Ejiobara.
People of the world, let it be known that no matter how long it takes one to walk, one must surely get to one’s destination(home).
Those who have ears should listen.
Stay blessed.
From Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom, Lagos Nigeria, still in Brasil for few days.

`Awodiran Agboola

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