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ifa zero eleven

See Ifa Number: Zero to Eleven

Photo credit:Prof. Moyo Okediji, Ifa University

ifa zero eleven

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  1. Kemi Fabode

    Didn’t know Ifa has numbers. Only aware of Ejiogbe, obara, okanran etc. Even those, I don’t know what they are called in English

  2. Oyinloye Adigun

    The numerical system above is directly sourced in Ifa marking articulated on the Ọ̀pẹ̀lẹ̀.
    It is a visual numerology. It is based on the ENÍ BÍ ENÍ concept of counting owó ẹyọ.

  3. Oyinloye Adigun

    And once #zero to #11 are indicated as we have done here, all the other numbers are easy to permute with simple transpositions.

  4. Kemi Fabode

    This is amazing. Thanks

  5. Adebiyi Adeniyi

    Which odu ifa that support number one to eleven?

  6. Olanrewaju Adetola

    Why not let us develop a body of classical Yoruba science and arts adopt for a syllabus?

    • Oyinloye Adigun

      That is the purpose of our Ifa University.
      We need to develop such a body of knowledge that moves forward our indigenous heritage.
      We should not just rehash the past.
      We must move to the present and project into the future.

  7. Mairo Ochocho

    In my very humble & honest understandin of the concept of “IFA” All things are in a Dual Balance: up/down, left/right, front/back, right/wrong(1/0) and the arithmetic of ifa is ‘Bi.nary’ like computer language. “To Be ‘OR’ not To Be” is the Quest.ion

  8. Oluwafemi Collins

    3 thru 6 look like the top of the obi

  9. Abiodun Isaac Taiwo

    IFA has a mathematical logic that needs more research.

  10. Adebiyi Adeniyi

    this nemerology can be continue to 50 with possibility of manipulation is like roman figure


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