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Owonrisogbe – Ifá Naa Ki Bayi Wipe: Biijo biijo…

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Good morning my people, wishing you all happy new month of August, may we be blessed and favoured in this new month and all goodness of this month locate us Àse.
Let us use this holy corpus of Owonrisogbe corpus to start this month prayer.
Hear what the corpus said:
Biijo biijo
Biayo biayo it cast divined for maize when maize was going to annual farm, maize was advised to offer sacrifice so that maize could be able to produce good and plenty seeds, two kola nuts.,…….. and ifá leaves and maize complied, when maize reached the annual farm, they planted it, within five days maize started germinating and esu odara started wetting its bottom with the water of the snail that maize offered as a sacrifice, later maize produced seeds and esu odara also put the fly whisk that maize offered as a sacrifice too on the hands of maize’s seeds, maize produced good seeds and plenty clothes, maize started dancing and rejoicing praising priest the priests were praising ifá while ifá was praising Eledumare.
What did maize bring from farm
Two hundred seeds
It is what maize bring from farm
Two hundred seeds
What did maize bring from farm
Two hundred clothes
It is what maize bring from farm
Two hundred clothes.

My people, I pray this morning that this new month will bring us everlasting joy, may we never experience any sorrow in our lives, all our seeds will come out in flying colour also our work/business will fetch us a suitable income, Ògún lákayé will make a good path for us and we shall end up this month with great achievements Àse.

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