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Ojude Oba festival 2024

Photos from Ojude Oba festival 2024

The Ojude Oba festival is a social and exuberant spectacle of sound, colour, and joie de vivre.
The festival, held in the forecourt (the eponymous Ojude Oba) of the monarch, is an annual event celebrating the culture and traditions of the Ijebu people while paying homage to the King, Alaiyeluwa Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Adetona, Ogbagba II, Awujale, and paramount ruler of Ijebuland.

The festival is celebrated annually in Ijebu Ode on the next day of the Muslim Eid-el-Kabir. A colourful and spectacular carnival, the festival brings the town to a halt with every concentration on the pavilion where in actuality the festival proper takes place.
Listed here are photos using this year’s event:

Ojude Oba is a true festival of colours. The audience consists of a major set of attendees grouped into age grade sets called Regberegbe. These are children of the Oba who have been named by the Awujale and grouped respectively based on their year of birth. Currently, there are about fifty-seven (57) regberegbes in Ijebu Ode among which are; Egbe Obafuwaji, Egbe Bobagunwa, Egbe Bobagunte Obinrin, etc with each group having its own banners, flags, styles and standards which they hoist and parade proudly at the events.

All Yoruboid groups came together to promote Ojude Oba festival. The Oyos, Ibadans, Aworis, Ibolos, Itsekiris, Remos, Ekitis, Ifes, Ijeshas, Igbominas, Okuns, Oworos, Ogoris, Akokos, Owos, Ondos, Ilajes, Ikales, Egbas, Eguns, Onkos, Olukumis, Ilorins, Usens etc are all united across different States in Nigeria to celebrate with our IJEBU brothers and sisters to celebrate Ojude Oba festiva

In this year’s edition on Tuesday, different cultural age ranges — referred to as regberegbe and consisting of indigenes, their friends, and associates — parade in the front courtyard of the king’s palace.

The parade was also an opportunity in order for them to showcase the rich cultural fashion and heritage of the Ijebu people.
The festival is overseen by Sikiru Adetona, the Awujale of Ijebuland.
Speaking at the ceremony, Dapo Abiodun, the Ogun governor, said he plans to really make the Ojude Oba festival “global, attracting national and international audiences.

Abiodun described Ojude Oba as “a symbol of unity and rallying point for the Ijebu people.

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