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Shoprite In Lagos

Shoprite In Lagos Sealed For Selling Expired, Adulterated Products

Shoprite In Lagos Sealed
The Lagos State Safety Commission, LSSC, has sealed up Ikeja Shopping Mall branch of Shoprite. Officials of the LSSC sealed up the branch of Shoprite on Friday in light of the fact that it broke safety law. It was learnt that authorities of LSSC drove out all clients before putting in a seal request at the entrance.

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  1. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    Am not surprised this happened. Where were our Customs or SON when these goods were brought in. Busy collecting bribe or even acts as clearing agents for these killer agents! !!!.

    Am afraid. .We stdio have long way to go.

    Did anybody know what the outcome of the CHOCHOLATE PLACE closed down by NAFDAC for storing and using expired dairy products to produce dairy N Confectionery for Nigerians

  2. Bhone Ekoh

    Expired and koras….Lebanese does that…in short…middle Easterners? And they still not pay custom duties at face value….crooked human beings

  3. Treasure Ozioma

    Good job! Can they dare to sell expired items in South Africa??

  4. Omotayo Amire

    I think una wan do oyinbo style. Thank god garri and am ala will never expire.

  5. Ajayi Modupe

    why is south africa pick on our loop holes dont they acknowledge there is a change ongoing in Nigeria?

  6. Shehu Abubakar

    Let them be sealed for life. Wicked people!

  7. Leo Churchill

    the strategy is really working. Please go on and impose another trillions fine.

    • Adekunle Opeyemi

      If it was a strategy to raise trillions, why would you be a victim? Your comments don’t always make sense.

    • Owolabi Bodunde

      We no dey joke with our life’s any more. No more corruption in the land, else somebody would have taken money and look the other way. While we their responsibilities consume expired items. Dem no fit do DAT in them country oooo.

    • Bhone Ekoh

      Really? You consider sealing the place to safeguard the lives of Nigerians a strategy? It’s a shame!!

    • Bhone Ekoh

      The United States government put up a rescue operation worth several millions of US dollars to save Captain Scott O’Grady a fighter pilot in the US Airforce whose plane was shot down in Bosnia. What is this person saying? Isn’t this the height of insanity- to say the sealing up of shoprite for selling expired and adulterated goods is a strategy! It’s insanity !

    • Leo Churchill

      I no fit laugh o!! A country where citizens will voluntarily request for expired items to pay less. Nigeria where expired items are conspicuously displayed and sold as ‘Gbanjo’ and some pretenders are here pretending to be foreigners. Shoprite did exactly what they see as normal in their operating environment. If our oil is no longer lucrative and imposition of fine is the alternative, no problem.

    • Izuchi Joseph

      Leo Churchill R u smarter Dan a 3 grader? (Jst saying). U come up wit sum ridiculous assumptions, opinion etc. It’s as if u have a bottomless pit full of $#%#, jst bcos sum evil minded pple decide to do evil don’t mean d whole country is in support, I believe developed countries were once like dat until dey put a check to it, in d aspect of gbanjo, look up thrift store

    • Bhone Ekoh

      Leo Churchill When people like you buy expired goods , stores like shoprite thrives! Shoprite had to be sealed because they were not just selling to you but to unsuspecting consumers!

    • Leo Churchill

      Shoprite must reopen and Lagos state should start sealing stores from Idumota, Balogun and Apongbon markets. For unsuspecting public, please be aware ‘Gbanjo’ goods abound in Shoprite stores.

    • Tony Balogun

      Leo Churchill why cant you just shut that your lousy mouth and be reasonable for once……..mtcheeeew

    • Leo Churchill

      Tony Balogun Mr. Man is that your comment Or you’re a tax collector for Lagos state?

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