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The Beautiful Thing About Ifa – Must Read

The beautiful thing about Ifa is, it captures both the self-evident, binary nature of reality and the seemingly counter-intuitive, quantum nature of reality.
Its binary principle, as coded in its sacred Odus, is already old and well-known (I.e. Odd and Even counts or 0s and 1s). But, its quantum principle, not so much. So, let’s talk about the quantum!
In its natural philosophy, Ifa teaches us that every event starts with an initial condition (I.e. Ori). And according to Ifa, the outcome of any event with initial conditions is totally predictable provided we control for randomness through data mining – note, in the traditional parlance, the crossroad (I.e. Oritameta) is the junction of confusion where randomness (I.e. entropy) reigns, and where Esu symbolically represents data which ultimately controls for randomness. In other words, it is lack of sufficient data/information that creates systemic randomness and thus uncertainty.
It get’s very interesting! While traditional natural philosophers separate the binary world from the quantum world, Ifa reconciles the two. Ifa teaches us that, there’s one world and it’s binary in nature. According to Ifa, the perceived uncertainty in the “quantum” level is induced by randomness or lack of sufficient data. In other words, Ifa reconciles binary determinism with quantum uncertainty. And this is why we study the natural philosophy of Ifa. We strongly advise NGR youths to do same!!!


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