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This A Reminder Of The Odu For The Year – Refresh Your Memory

I bullet-pointed it to make it an easy read. For all the info go back to the original post and you can watch the new years’ service saved on this page as well. I pray you are all well.

Ifa Of The Year 2022/2023 From Oke-itase, Ile-ife, State Of Osun, Nigeria. Odi-ofun.
The Odu Ifa that came out for this year is ODI-OFUN (ODI on the right, OFUN on the left). The Odu came with Ibi Iku (Death) and to prevent this, ebo is recommended. The verses of Odi-Ofun recited with their narratives are below:

  1. Victory:
    Ifa says this year, the rulers and all people should take the protection of lives and properties more seriously. This year will be full of challenges for communities and individuals. We should make ebo to overcome the challenges. External attackers will stand against communities while enemies will stand against individuals. Ebo must be done by communities and individuals to overcome the attackers and enemies. Ifa says external attackers have buried spiritual works around Oodua (Yoruba) land in particular and all Yoruba global communities in general. Enemies, even unsuspected ones are planning to lay siege. This Ifa verse of Odi Ofun asked our leaders to always be prompt in securing our communities, territories and space against all forms of external aggression. They should always act fast in any security threat to their people.
    Ifa revealed that there are a lot of betrayers in our communities. We will also be victorious over these betrayers. Olodumare will surely put the betrayers to shame.
    Parents also need to appease the heads of their children for victory over enemies.
    People should make ebo so that strangers will not take their land.
    Ifa advises wives against frustrating their husbands and the husbands against maltreating the wives. This verse of Ifa in Odi Ofun says that there is someone close to one that is doing a bad thing to one. Ifa says with proper ebo, the person will be exposed.
    Ifa says enemies are doing bad spiritual work to us in Yoruba land for us not to unite. We do not understand one another in Yoruba land, this is the work of our enemies.
  2. Good Health:
    For those who are sick, ebo is needed for holistic healing.
  3. Marital-related problems such as barrenness:
    Women who are having marital challenges should appease Ifa for comfort in their marital homes. Also, barrens will become parents.
    For barrens, ebo is recommended. And they should refrain from using red beads.
  4. Long life revelation:
    Ebo is needed to avert untimely death.
  5. Honesty and Loyalty:
    Ifa warns priests to desist from lying. Whoever wants to practice as a professional Babalawo should seek knowledge so he/she will be competent. This verse encourages Babalawo not to be afraid of saying whatever Ifa says and always stand by Ifa’s message. Also, Ifa priests should not be too silent about the situations of things in the community and the way forward.
  6. Generosity:
    Ifa says people should be generous. We must always be hospitable to people. Generosity will yield fortunes for people this year. Whoever is planning any party should plan it with enough food and drinks so that everybody will eat, drink and be happy.
  7. Promotion of Ancestral Heritage:
    Ifa says people should appease Egungun. Also, people should refrain from promoting other races’ ancestors at the expense of their ancestral way of life. One should promote one’s heritage and religion. Ifa advises people to be serious with Isese (Oduduwa Traditional Identity) for the nation to witness peace and development of all natures. This year’s Egungun festival must be taken seriously by all Yoruba, especially the rulers.
  8. Protection of Aged People:
    Children should not allow their aged parents to suffer maltreatment. People should be ready to defend their home, town, nation, parents and rulers against any attack either physical or verbal.
  9. Good cultural training for our children for heritage sustainability:
    Ifa says our children should be given the necessary useful education and be trained in a way to embrace our cultural heritage and religion. It is by embracing our culture, tradition, and religion that our children will be useful to themselves, their parents, and the whole world. Ifa advises that we should love our children and bring them closer to us.
  10. Prevention of child loss or kidnapping:
    Ifa says people need to make ebo to prevent the death or loss of a child. People should be more vigilant and take the safety and security of their children seriously. Ifa says we should monitor the movement of our children and the kind of people they relate with. Ebo is needed to curb the menace of child kidnapping. We should not trust strangers.
  11. Excessive alcohol drinking:
    People should minimize taking alcohol. Palm wine is taboo throughout the year. Also, any Obatala devotee who takes palm wine should stop doing that to avoid calamity.
  12. Abundant Economic Blessings:
    This year, people need to make ebo to be successful in their work. Aje should be appeased with 4 pigeons, eggs and honey.
  13. Spiritual cleansing of Orisa paraphernalia:
    We need to wash our Ikin and other Orisa paraphernalia with ewuro (bitter leaves) for effective supplications.
    Egbe Orun
    Esu Odara
    Do not drink Palm wine
    Do not eat Eran ogbo (a type of Cat)
    Do not disrespect your Oluwo and elders
    Do not commit adultery
    Do not drink to the point of getting intoxicated
    Do not starve yourself and your guests
    Do not procrastinate

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