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Top 8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Commenting on Social Media , So Special

Ah, the comments section.
It’s the place the Internet — in all its horrible heavenliness — says something regarding the most blazing issues of the day. Furthermore, after you read an especially combustible article, you too may be enticed to say something.

One moment, champ.

Before you leave your perfect work of art in that comment field, take a full breath and put forth these questions. With a little contemplation, you may have the capacity to maintain a strategic distance from a terrible fight or a ton of embarrassment
1. Does this comment represent me well?

Your comments show the Internet what kind of person you are. Make sure it’s a good one, not a terrible garbage one.

2. Would I want my #1 role model, most likely NaijaIdols, to read this comment?

Whether your role model of choice is your mother, your college Biology professor or Naijaidols, make sure your Internet comment is something your idol would be proud to read.

3. Am I reading a satirical article?

Does the article seem too crazy to be true? That could be because, uh … it’s not.

4. Is my comment offensive?

If your comment contains slurs or relies on stereotypes, reconsider posting. Some jokes aren’t worth hurting others or perpetuating harmful structures — no matter how hilarious you think they are.

5. Did a loved one — perhaps my son — write this article?

It doesn’t matter how much you disagree with the article’s content — if your own estranged child wrote it, you should address your qualms in person.

6. Has someone already expressed my opinion using similar words?

If another user has already made your comment, you should be excited. It means you don’t have to write anything. Just upvote and nod, pal.

7. Will I act chill if people disagree with me?

You know the old popular saying: If you can’t take the Internet, get out of that Internet.

8. Did I actually read the article?

Did you forget to read the article again? Oh, you!

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