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Comment of the Day – By Ovie

I just read this comment by ovie ovie on a post and i had to copy and paste…”he that has ears let him hear”…pls vote not fight

When the deadliest civil WAR breaks out all of us ranting here APC and PDP note that the elites you are fighting for on social media will survive with their families but you and i will be refugees in Benin Republic and other countries if we survive it,and they will still sit at a peace accord meeting somewhere in Ghana ,South Africa or the U.N to still decide your fate and fly back their families with their private jets to continue using those who survived,if i may ask where are their children? they are all abroad in safe keeping, Nigerian youths listen and listen good,we have only one Nigeria,what the RADIO did to Rwanda is what SOCIAL MEDIA IS DOING TO NIGERIA NOW,the worst CIVIL WAR IN THE HISTORY OF AFRICA AND MANKIND IS IMMINENT,we are all pushing NIGERIA TO WAR,there will be no winners or losers,Nigeria ,you and i will lose atlast,the U.S/ the West promised SYRIA and LIBYA better life where they would be free from dictators and corrupt leadership, today you can see how free these countries are,Iraq inclusive after Sadam, Americans are safe in their country happy and laughing over the suffering they have caused using divisive propaganda to destroy them,Nigerians be warned a great WAR is at hand all of us here might not be alive to tell the story but i bet you ,all the elites and their children will be alive to tell the story.

You and i don’t own oil wells and private jets,then what are we fighting for.They want you to be counted as casualties so there would be a case .Please say no to violence if GEJ wins he wont feed his village if Buhari wins he wont feed his village,and nothing will change ,there is no time a govt will solve all your problems.There are more beggars and homeless people in the U.S than Nigeria even in Obamas backyard in Chicago homeless people queue up for food hand outs daily.STOP PUSHING NIGERIA TO WAR WITH SO MUCH HATE ON SOCIAL MEDIA BE WARNED OF WHAT THE RADIO DID TO RWANDA. We might not live to tell the STORY.Lets preach LOVE and KINDNESS.

I like the part he said “there are more beggars and homeless people in the US than Nigeria..even in obama’s backyard in chicago homeless people queue up for food handouts daily” …..Nigerians want jonathan the magician to perform signs and wonders!

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