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Being initiated into Ifá or any of the Òrìsà does not automatically make the initiate a Babaláwo, Ìyánífá or Adá-Òòosà. Having the titles of Babaláwo, Ìyánífá and/or Adá-Òòosà come with at least 16 years of vigorous training under a tutelage of a very competent Babaláwo, Ìyánífá or Adá-Òòosà.–by Ọmọ Ọba


…And for those who are born outside of indigenous borders, utilize what is available, consent to an African Ancestry DNA test before even approaching the possibility of initiation. And if an Awo or a Babaláwo tells you that you are called to initiate into Ifá and after doing so if you find yourself being told that you are now an Awo or Ìyánífá request him to produce the Odù verse that states so loudly. We exercise the laws of common sense and intelligence, always, we are Orí dictated, Ancestrally based, and Ifá navigated with the assistance of the Òrìsà and other spiritually inherited spirit groups and affiliations. –by Dr. Kongolini Zulu Mau-

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