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What is Yoruba tradition turning into?

The other day, another Oba was rolling on the floor for JESUS. This time, we have an Emir in disguise as the Olowu of Owu Ile – a significant place in Yoruba’s history. This was how we lost Ilorin to the Fulani invaders – a Yoruba city became an Islamic state because of this type of behaviour. According to Peter Adegoke,  ‘a Jihadist cannot be a true Yoruba king, the same way a Pastor cannot sincerely be a Yoruba Oba.’ I won’t be surprised if this guy eventually ban all indigenous religious practices in his domain, definitely, this one will not enter a Shrine or offer sacrifice. Is it by force to be an Oba?

An Alfa cannot support masquerades and if choices were to be made, this Alfa-Oba will pitch his tent with his Muslim Ummah. This is a mockery of our tradition which must be resisted. Can Olu-Awo be allowed to become Imam or Emir of Kano? I am not against any Alfa, Sheikh or Hijab wearing wives but I believe it is a mockery of our tradition and insincerity for an Alfa to be a Yoruba King. The two cannot mix.


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  1. Balogun Adesina

    This is what happens when people buy positions instead of being nominated by Ifa as a king. To me this event looks like he is being turbaned as a Muslim leader.

  2. Yakub Muraina

    How is it a mockery when some of the Orisa are said to be Moslem? I have read in numerous materials that at least Sango was said to be Moslem, coming from the land of the Nupe.

  3. Gbolahan Sotomi

    Islam is not even 2000 years old. Do the math.

    • Yakub Muraina

      Islam is well over 2000 years old, but that is not the point.

    • Gbolahan Sotomi

      Yakub Muraina Actually, yes, that is the point. Isese religion is one of the oldest religions on the planet. Even the story of Oduduwa coming from Mecca is another fallacy.

    • Yakub Muraina

      Yes but it is one of the oldest traditions. And now modern day Nigerians want to break away from what their ancestors have taught about their descendant nature. It is something, that a predominantly oral culture has rejected its oral history.

    • Gbolahan Sotomi

      Indeed. And therein lies the problem. Modern day Yoruba, especially the young folk, can’t or don’t care to master their own language, yet they want to re-write their own history, based on half-truths, false information, sloppy investigations & questionable sources. It’s a damn shame. And the oppressors just keep making headway.

    • Adekunle Opeyemi

      Yakub Muraina Truth is truth. It’s mathematical science. It’s exposed. My advise Ifamole Ogundeyi Opeola Bey….come take a trip. I invite you. Come sit with the elders. I promise you. You will be enlightened.

  4. Yakub Muraina

    What I have found, in researching into Nigeria, specifically, is that there is no consensus history on Yoruba, and not set structure for the ese of Odu Ifa that relates history. One state in Nigeria, may profess something different then the other state of Yorubaland. There is so much competition amongst the Temples of Ifa, and Orisa. How can you arrive at the truth of History? How can you gain more exact information?
    Especially when the Initiator of degrees is willing to tell the initiated what they mostly want to hear for the price of initiation plus a title.
    I am saying, your House may say no, but there are some who say what has been reported.

  5. Gbolahan Sotomi

    You know how? Oral..oral history. The yoruba didn’t write down things for hundreds of yrs. And in recent times the books were created for the Diaspora. But do you think the wisdom lyes on those pages. Come on. Really?

  6. Balogun Adesina

    Yes Yakub Muraina , it is the same with every people. The Yoruba are not different. Try doing the history of what happened in Ferguson Missouri when the teenager was killed in broad daylight.

  7. Yakub Muraina

    Which one, because there was video evidence of what happened, but thereby again, to the point.
    Ifa practioners, like Muslims, place a premium on memorizing as much as the ese or surah of the revealed world of Olodumare/Allah respectively. In Islam, those who commit to memory are called Hafiz, In Ifa, they are mostly called Babalawo.
    And then you make my point for me. The History of coming from the East is Oral history, the primary history of all peoples.
    We state here, to the Muslim, what makes you all of the best memories, that we should believe the Quran was maintained word for word as Prophet Mohammed revealed it. And so to in the Ese Ifa. There are so many variations of the Odu Ifa, so much in the various interpretations, that provides for a lack of continuity, that it is hard to dispute claims except for the Universally accepted and taught aspects of Yoruba culture.

    • Balogun Adesina

      Video evidence” must be interpreted, as you know, Yakub Muraina. The devil is in the interpretation of reality.

      The same video can be read in ten different ways by ten different viewers, depending on their ideological positions.

    • Yakub Muraina

      Balogun Adesina There is no dispute that a young man was shot and killed. The police report says it, the news says it, and the people in the community say it. That is objective history. A young man was shot and killed. Now when you start getting into the why part, that becomes subjective.

    • Balogun Adesina

      Yakub Muraina Why was he shot? How was he shot? These are legal issues that are in dispute. And these are the crucial issues in terms of justice. We still don’t know what happened.

  8. Yakub Muraina

    Yes, but the objective view is that a young man was shot and killed. That is history.

    • Balogun Adesina

      What exactly happened has not been sorted out yet, sir. It is in dispute.

      If you think that “Black life matters,” you come to one conclusion.
      If you think that blacks are a menace, you see things differently.

  9. Kenny Fasemore

    Yakub Muraina are you Moslem. ..or Ifa devotee? Are you mixing? Or trying to sort out opinions and truths?

    • Yakub Muraina

      I am One! Yes I am Moslem/Ifa practioner. Because Ifa is not a Religion. As a matter of fact almost the entire House I was initiated into, in Ile Ife, are Moslems. There is no need to mix, because there is only one Science, just as there is only one Sun for our planetary system.
      What I understand may not be for you to understand but to understand what Ifa is designed to do, is the same as all Divinely revealed scriptures.
      When Babalawo makes marks and receives the Odu Ifa to be chanted, is the same as the Grand Sheik being led to the Surah to be chanted before the Mosque or Temple. The primary aspects are One! If you understood the spiritual science of Islam, you would see they are one and the same.
      I believe the saying goes something like we all draw water from the same river, but use different pots…

    • Kenny Fasemore

      Yakub Muraina Interesting. Some tend to get the religion and the culture confused because it’s so closely intertwined. There are facts that are being misinterpreted for you. And the one you said about Sango is false. It’s nothing to argue. This tends to happen here. It’s extremely limited by misinterpretations.

    • Balogun Adesina

      I grew up in Ajigbayin compound Ile Ife.
      “Facts” and “science” are subject to to the lens through which you view things, and the hypothesis you are testing.

      Many people do not know that there is a philosophy of science.

    • Yakub Muraina

      Ahhh yes, but your location is only one of many. And as I have stated, this information comes from different sources. I just pulled the above to show you that it is not something I have made up.
      We all should know and understand, that what was first taught as history of Yoruba, has been disputed in this current generation, in an effort to make the center of thought for Yoruba Ife, thereby making Ife equivalent is not to take the place of the place called Eden. It is a documented happening that when a people are coming into their own, they orient the world to place themselves in the center. Prophet Mohammed did it, when he turned his followers from facing Jerusalem to pray, and as a center of Spiritual focus, and made them pray and focus to Mecca. The same has been done throughout the ancient Americas and all lands around this planet.

    • Balogun Adesina

      then what are you saying?
      That we must discard the Ifa teaching that says life began at Ife?
      Sir, I will not even go into a discussion of this matter anymore.

    • Yakub Muraina

      Balogun Adesina No, NO nooo….there is a need and I cannot and will not turn from that. Life did begin in Ife. And that can lend itself to subjective thought, because that can be disputed as well as the Eden teaching.
      I understand the teaching and the thought being conveyed. And can accept it for the archetype in which it represents.
      We cannot let the Science of Ifa become “immature” in it’s expression. We have to be able to teach it aright, to equate to the minds being produced in the world today.
      Hocus Pocus mythology and religion is out the door…And with Ifa the unknown is made known.

  10. Yakub Muraina

    I responded to this posting because it seemed to be taken for the most part as a negative. Until you hear the Oluwos stance on how he views Ifa and Islam together, all you can go on is your subjective point of view. And I don’t believe that is what Ifa lends towards. Now if one may go to Ifa, and determine that a Gay, Lesbian or transgendered person can become initiated, I hate to put it forth in the same light, why not a Moslem, living according to their Divine Principles?

  11. Balogun Adesina

    Do you know of Wutuwutu Yaaki–the Ifa about the advent of Islam?

  12. Kenny Fasemore

    Let’s look at your example:

    A) LGBT in Ifa= inclusion (which is a very Ifa-ish thing.)

    B) A Moslem Araba with wives covered in Hajibs is Sharia= exclusion. First Hajibs. Then let’s ban dancing, music, Ifa worshipping, the worship of “idols”, ancestral funerary rites that go counter to Muslim tradition, divination, schnapps, Iyanifa, traditional clothing, Festivals, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. It’s a slippery slope. Yes, I forarded the post because I find it OFFENSIVE to my beliefs. I have absolutely no problem with Muslims, on the contrary. But, enough is enough. I have to hear their bullshit all night, blaring from loudspeakers (Christians too), then see them coming for divination, hidden under cover of darkness. Then it starts all over again. No, thank you. Muslims & Christians have destroyed the fabric of that country. And now they want to impose sharia dress as well (because the Araba is the leader of his community; he sets the standard)?

  13. here they go again. ‘sango was muslim’ .. lobatan.. propagandist.. anyone that propagates rubbish in the 21st century should use his or her brain very well.

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