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Who Is An Infidel ? – By Steven Akuma

We were told by the Christian Missionaries that an Unbeliever (Infidel) is one who does not follow the teachings of Christ. We were also told by the Invading Islamic Jihadists that Infidels are those who do not follow the tenets of Islam and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed. Both Christianity and Islam promise Jannah/ Heaven to the Black people in Africa who follow their teachings and Hell fire to those who do not follow their teachings.
African traditional Spirituality of Ifa, Amadioha, Ogun, Sango, Aruchukwu, Egbesu etc are yet to come out with a definition of who an Infidel is and the condition that will guarantee one to join his/her Ancestors in peace after life on earth.
As for me, an Infidel falls in any of these definitions:
1) Any European or Arab who brainwashed a Blackman in Africa to kill his fellow Black brothers
2) Any Blackman in Africa who connive with foreigners to kill his fellow Black brothers
3) Any Blackman in Africa who invite imperialists bodies like World Bank and IMF to economically sabotage his Black brothers
4) Any government official in Africa who uses tax payer’s money to sponsor tourists (Pilgrims) to Saudi Arabia and Israel, thereby boosting the economy of those countries at the detriment of his own country.
5) Any Corrupt government official in Africa who loot his people and bank the money abroad, thereby boosting the economy of foreigners at the detriment of his Black brothers.
6) Any Militant/Rebel/Terrorist/Robber/Kidnaper in Africa who buys/collects weapons from people of other race to cause pains and destruction to his Black brothers and sisters in Africa.
7) Any Pastor/Prophet who uses a foreign/borrowed religion to defraud Africans
8) Any Pastor/Prophet who connive with public office holders/Politician to steal money meant for alleviating the suffering of his countrymen
9) Any Imam/Sheik who indoctrinate his Black brothers with violent philosophy to kill other Africans
10) Any Head of government in Africa who perambulates around in the land of foreigners to beg them to come and solve our security challenges.
~This is the time the colour of our skin should matter more than our mental religious orientation else the long plan to eliminate the Black race (beginning with Nigeria) by other races will be accomplished ~ By Steven Akuma

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