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Time to return to using Yoruba, Igbo & hausa as official languages – Ifa Dare writes

In a state of 8.081 million people (2013) according to World Bank, Switzerland is a country in Europe with four official languages which includes French, German, Italian and Romansh. If a country of just 8.081 million could have four official languages then why try to massacre the traditions of over 150 million people in Nigeria.

Is it now the right time to stop living in denial and return to the pathway of societal progress ? Ifa Dare has taken to his facebook page to voice out his opinion.

See what he wrote bellow.

‘They want to live in a progressive society; yet, they frown upon their own language, their own epistemology, and their own moral and spiritual philosophies. They are doing every single thing wrong; yet, they wonder why their society is retrogressive.
A people living in their own land but using a foreign language as their medium of communication and operating under foreign epistemology and spiritual philosophy are akin to a MAC computer configured to run under Windows OS with a virus. They would crash just as the MAC computer is expected to crash. NGR crashed, as a country, because the people refused to embrace the fundamentals. Life is simple but obtuse people make it very complicated!!! ‘

Do you agree with Ifa Dare or not? Lets hear what you think in the comment box bellow.

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  1. Segun Akerele

    hhahaha you have said it all:pls becareful Big Brother s watching…

  2. Shehu Abubakar

    The scariest part is that majority of their best and brightest don’t even see the correlation between the fundamentals (I.e. Indigenous language, epistemology, moral and spiritual philosophies) and national progress. And a few that see it don’t quite understand it to proffer a practical solution.

  3. In fact, i shed tears some time ago in UI, when my anthropology lecturer told us that when in 2010 that a Lagos state legislator presented to the Lagos state house of assembly a bill, requesting that Yoruba language be adopted as the state’s official language… It was unanimously kicked out… With a conclusion that it was not fit for the running of a government. We can see same thing manifesting all over the country… Yet people still think that slavery has been conquered. Smh

    • Shehu Abubakar

      When a people cannot understand the significance of things as fundamental as language and epistemology, you have to wonder then if they truly understand the ontological nature of reality.


  5. Balogun Adesina

    now this one makes super sense…. i support this.. yoruba should use yoruba langguage as its official language, igbo in south east,hausa is aready using hausa language in the north.. hausa uses hausa language to teach in the north..


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