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More on Yoruba history is on the newly launched website: yorupedia

How much of the Old Oyo Empire did you know?
How many Alaafin did you know?
How much do you know about Ijebu land, Egba land, Ijesa land, Ekiti Parapo?
How much of Ondo, Owo, Akure, Ikale, and Akoko history do you know?
How much of Yorubas in Kwara and Kogi do you know?
Did you know how Ilorin-Afonja was to Shitta and Bello, the two sons of Fulani-Alimi in 1823?
Did you know that at four different wars: Ogele, Mugba-Mugba, Kenla, and Eleduwe; Yoruba struggled to regain Ilorin, even in the process lost Alaafin Oluewu.
Did you know that it was Ibadan under Iba and Basorun Oluyole that saved Yoruba from the Fulani at Osogbo in 1845, when Fulanis were making an unnecessary military push southward?
What do you know about Kiriji War-the sixteen-year-old-war in Yorubaland?
More on Yoruba, more on the history, more on the culture, more on historical figures, and more on Yoruba numerals, greetings, calendar, food, education, and marriage institution.
Visit: www.yorupedia.com for details.

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