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Herbal cure for Asthma by Obanifa

Asthma is a chronic (long time) lung disease that inflame and narrow the airway, people who suffer from chronic asthma are said to be asthmatic. The inside wall of an asthmatic airway are Swollen or inflame, this swelling or inflammatory which makes the airway extremely sensitive to irritation and make such asthmatic highly susceptible to an allergic. What usually happens in asthmatic patients is that the inflammation causes the airway to become narrower and less air can pass through them both to and fro the lungs. Let me explain in another way, what usually occurs or happen during asthma attack is that the muscles around the airway of a person suffering from attack is always tighten up which will narrow the air way and as a result prevent free flow of air from the lung and to the lung. I am simply trying to say less air is allow to flow through the airway ,. Some time as more mucus or excessive mucus is produced in the airway which prevents or undermine the flow of air. That is what accutually happen during asthmatic attack

What are the causes of asthma? The causes of asthma has been difficult to fully understand, but some things are very clear about it. For example people with family history of asthma can actually develop it. Excessive exposure to smoke e.g tobacco smoke especially as a baby or young child can cause it, the orthodox medicine as well as point out in their own research that obesity can cause asthma,chemicals exposure in working place like factory or plant etc can cause asthma.
What then are the symptoms of asthma? The symptoms of asthma range from:shortness of breathing, chest tightness, coughing, wheezing sounds while breathing, breathing problems in general, sudden narrow of airway, the symptoms can occur any time of the day. But observevation have proof that the symptoms usually occurs in the morning and night.
Igbin to tobi merindinlogun(16 big snail) igo oyin igan schnapps kan(one liter of wild honey). What you need to do is to get out all the sixteen big snail fluid into one bottle. You will now mix the snail fluid with the honey.
Usage :an asthma patients will be taking this mixture one tea spoon in the morning and one in the night for fourty one day. He or she will get cure.
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