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sanitary towels

Sanitary towels go as high as ₦2000 or £5 in Nigeria!

I am a man; I’ve never menstruated but I stand for adding tampons as a human rights in Nigeria especially for minors.
Sanitary towels go as high as N2000 or £5 in Nigeria!
How will a girl in a third world country cough up £5 every month without government assistance?
We shouldn’t be embarrassed when discussing this issue; any responsible government should be subsiding sanitary pads; it’s a human rights and should be treated as such.
The Nigerian government especially the female politicians should hide their faces in shame when young girls can’t get free sanitary pads.
Shame! Shame! Shame!
*** I just learnt from the comment section that it’s an average of N300 but that’s the more reason government should make it free or at least subsidized.



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