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Biafra is a Distraction: No group has greater  Stake In The Nigerian Project Than Ndigbo

Written by Peter Ekekwe 
Unfortunately the truth hurts .
The Yorubas built Alliance for Democracy (AD) into a formidable political party. They coalesced into a strong political block and is able to negotiate at the center as a strong entity. They never wasted their energy agitating for Oduduwa Republic. The few strong calls, instead, for a True Federation came from them.

The North built PDP and when they lost grip of the structure, they coalesced into CPC and used the platform to achieve the Buhari presidency. To do this , the North had to negotiate with the Yorubas who had a strong political block and the result is the clear.
Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Odimegwu Ojukwu, a visionary and purpose driven Igbo leader formed APGA and we mocked him. What he saw ahead we still cannot see now, even with the clear writing on the wall. We frittered away an opportunity to build a strong block and take our stand in the polity.

The likes of Peter Obi who rode on Ojukwus back to fame , abandoned ship as soon as Ojukwu died and pitched tent with PDP. Reason? Selfishness QED.  For those who do not know or who know but choose to live in denial, the senseless agitation for Biafra has set the Igbos back- years back. Every gain made after the war, we have just thrown away. Lagos State in the past 14 or so years had an Igbo man as Commissioner for Finance and later Economic Planning. Rivers State had a Commissioner of Igbo speaking clan. Today in the House of Representatives are Igbo speaking people representing Lagos State. Whoever thinks these are not achievements should define the word for me again. In all these , an Eastern Governor, will be crucified if he attempts appointing another Easterner, not from his State into the State Executive.

Igbos rule the economies of the South West , South South and to a good extent, the North. We have never been a people dependent on Government to do things for us. Governments depend on us. We are a hard working people, found in all corners of the country . We are not beggars and never will be.
Let the lazy few, get themselves engaged in meaningful activities and the results will come. Begging for money to start a war is not an occupation.  No group has a greater Stake in the Nigerian project than Ndigbo and NOTHING will change that.

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  1. Publicist

    I ask: Who are Indi-igbo ?? Which states, ethnic nationality, local government, or parts of Nigeria do you consider as Ndi-igbo? I know I speak igbo, think igbo, eat igbo&sh….t igbo, but i am not under the authority of Ohaneze Ndi-igbo nor do my people consider themselves as igbo.


  2. Temitayo Adedigba

    The Igbo people’s case has always been a case of a house that is divided against itself which cannot stand. Sir, you have spoken well.

  3. Gbolahan Sotomi

    What more can I say, you have said it all.

  4. Leo Churchill

    Good write up. Except where you used a sentence to murder an achiever, who pioneered good governorship in Anambra. You lacked the details of what ran him off to PDP, certainly not greed.

  5. Izuchi Joseph

    Well composed. Your conclusion reminds me of the quotable quote of a man simply called bro. P, a begger, who plied his trade in Enugu – Port Harcourt train shortly after the Nigerian civil war who used to prologue his solicitation thus ” always apology is not a good office ” .Indeed it will never be. During the war Biafrans of then were innovative. They were able to develop the mass killer and to survive the food blockade and the starvation policy of the FMG.. Today we need different kind of weapon which I believe we can produce in abundance if we chose to. The kind of weapon that igbos need is the creatively that would reposition us in the scheme of things in Nigeria. The question is .are we ready to do the needful? Let us search our souls.

  6. Shehu Abubakar

    Weather Ndigbo or not, this is democracy where the seat of power can only be negiotiated thru the use of ballot and voters card ? My Ibo brothers and friends should put themselves in order politically in order to succeed for an IBO presidency rather agitating for BIAFRA that will be betrayed and sold out tommorrow to the detriment of the poor masses ! IBO’s are the only tribe that have what it takes to reach out to other tribes or region of Nigeria for the possible actualization of an IBO president becos they have invested and croud across all geopolitical zones and the world at large to achieve the needful !

  7. Paul Ifeanyi Obiji

    God bless you for saying the truth. Passion has misled a lot of people.

  8. Yusuf Umaru

    Good write up,except writing the Igbos rule the economy of South west. I totally disagree. The economy of Western Nigeria was built by the people of the region, the Igbos only came to share in the gains. You don’t set up business for the sake of it,but to make profits. If South east is profitable, Igbos ,like any sensible people,won’t have left their homeland. South west economic legacies was built by ingenuity of their ancestors,not by people who moved in in droves in the 70s and 90s. to take advantage of it and still taking advantage.

    • You are very much on point here my brother. Some people just write article to favour their outlook and without thinking of the consequences of their story. Lagos has been thriving economically and in prosperity before any Igbo man even knows how to wear clothes or civilization generally. Anyway, thanks for making this clear to them

  9. Umar Hassan Dandango

    WOW!! this this is a master piece. ;

  10. Adekunle Opeyemi

    This is a bitter truth, we Igbos’ should start changing our mentality of selfish politics and do away with this baseless agitation.

  11. Emuobohwo Mudiaga Odje

    Akpaniko! ( the truth).
    Biafara… where are all the wealth of the ndigbo scattered? Lagos, Northern Nigeria , Abuja. Everywhere but on Biafra Land. And so when the assets are frozen and confiscated, with what then do ndigbo prosecute this break away?? Think Think fellow Southerner. Could Ndigbo and the south east not formed a formidable economic block and use that as a chip for bargaining? No . Instead we ochestrate and indulge in sheer waste of energies in things unprofitable.

  12. Chigozie Anagara

    Yes writer, I agree with you.they are waisting their time.

  13. Ajah Fredrick Reuben

    Very instructive.This sudden and unarticulated movement in the guise of pro Biafra is most unnecessary. Lets harness our energies towards rewarding ventures because any counter from the other regions will spell disaster. Enough.

  14. Atakuotor Comrade Ovie

    There was once a PPA that held sway in Abia and IMO states what did Ndigbo do with it instead because PDP lost elections there comes an upsurge of Biafra agitations . We are watching and waited time will always tell.

  15. Tony Balogun

    Very insightful. God bless you.

  16. Aminu Hamisu Yusuf

    @writer, is good for one to acknowledge one’s portential, but sometimes you may have a case but you may loss the case when poorly presented. Is politics igbo’s pitched with pdp and they lost. Why Shifting blame?

  17. Balogun Adesina

    Let’s assume Biafra comes to fruition without shedding a drop of blood.. Millions of jobs would be immediately created in “Nigeria” to replace the jobs left by the now foreigners and millions of jobs would be needed to be created in “Biafra”…is it Yam?Economically the new state of Biafra has its work cut out for it. Abegi let’s stop this rubbish and live together… Every tribe feels marginalized in one way or the other yet all states are governed by their indigenes… All states get FG allocations,have senators and Reps…have ministers… Yet we scream marginalisation… Rubbish..let’s all ask our leaders what they spent our common wealth on.cheers

  18. Balogun Adesina

    On alleged marginalisation ,How exactly are the Igbo ppl marginalized? Are your governors Hausa and or Yoruba?Do you have elected representatives? Are you prevented from attending schools anywhere that you qualify to attend? Are you forbidden from buying/Owning a home or business in any part of the country?Are Igbos not the major drivers of thrift and commerce in the country? Pls agitators of Biafra should answer these questions. I have a few more.Can we say the same About the East? How many Yorubas own land or businesses in the east?how many attend the universities in the East,how many Westerners hold or can imagine holding political office in the East? Yoruba’s are being marginalised in the East if you asked me.Could we pls stop this dangerous Biafra rhetoric?

  19. Umar Hassan Dandango

    Yorubas started early to ask their elected & appointed representatives the right questions and today it is difficult for any Governor in S/W to brazenly steal/corner their Money without explanation. But in South Eastern Nigeria, as Bob Marley would say! ” All we stand aside & look” and perhaps conclude that it is a part of it –

    Politics ! We’ve all watched T.A Orji reduce Abia State, watching Okorocha cornering anything that remains of Imo State presently without anyone asking them questions, instead, emotions are whipped up by this ‘unguided call for’ Biafra. Plse can anyone tell us how many industries are presently in the whole of S/E and imagine the ‘kind disposition’ of our people in tight times to accommodate the size of the igbos everywhere, assume we need to return to d so called Biafra contraption to actualize this ambition? Have u asked the simple question why Igbo big wigs are silent on this Biafra stuff?

    Have you also asked why the ruling class in Igboland have kept quiet each time they are confronted with the question of what they have done in this region with the HUGE sums accruing to our states. PLEASE my bros it may not be late for us to wake up and start asking the right people the right questions now that the attention/priority of Govt is on the masses & not on the usual few (including some of our brothers) of this country than being distracted by this thing that looks like the farting of Tortoise which he required applause/songs from his people, But instead, Wise men in their midst, rejected him by counseling that evil things do not require applause & songs. Wisdom/Understanding & Knowledge is required.

  20. The phrase “The Nigerian Project” would appear derogatory and would seem to suggest that the author of the write-up does not have any iota of faith in the polity or unity of Nigeria (i.e. Niger area comprising the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern Protectorates).

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