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Biafra War With Nigeria Not Over – Uwazuruike

MASSOB Leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, has said he regretted the defeat of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 presidential polls, saying that Jonathan’s defeat fol­lowed the same pattern of the Biafra – Nigeria civil war.

Speaking at the group’s special meeting yesterday in Yenagoa, Bay­elsa State, the MASSOB leader who was represented by Elder James Ome­ke, zonal leader Igboeze North Lo­cal Government Area, in a statement signed by the Deputy National Direc­tor for Information, Mazi Chris Mo­cha made available to Saturday Sun, explained that the Yoruba of the South West conspired with their Hausa/Fu­lani of the North and brought enmity between Igbo of the South East and the Igbo brothers in the Niger Delta, add­ing that such seed of discord sown cost us the Igbo their first attempt at Biaf­ran independence.

“My presence today in Bayesla State has again demonstrated that blood is thicker than water. Biafra project is a project that gives us hope and antici­pation. It also differentiates us from others.The massive support Ndigbo gave to Jonathan in the last election explained this fact. Ndigbo have not regretted voting for Jonathan.
“ Biafra is a project that brings us together each new day,” Uwazuruike said. He noted that the Biafra proj­ect defined Igbo and the Niger Delta (South-South) as one people.

“The project (Biafra) when men­tioned frightens our enemies and stig­matises us before our oppressors,” he further noted.
Uwazuruike also said his kinsmen had suffered deprivations and massa­cred in their millions because of Bi­afra, disclosing that Jonathan’s defeat had highlighted the fact that the Biaf­ran war fought with Nigeria has not ended.
“It was a war fought between the former Eastern Region (Biafra) and Nigeria. That was why MASSOB strongly supported the Niger Delta. This singular attitude and our reunion with the leaders of Niger Delta on Bi­afra has clearly brought us closer to our brothers and thus, made the strug­gle for Biafran independence stronger again,” he concluded.
The Sun.

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  1. Balogun Adesina

    They (The AngloZIonist Empire) want to turn Nigeria to Syria by arming different groups to break their long adversary in West Africa.

    America being the leader of the Empire should not forget Russia is still selling cruise Missiles oh and China too..

  2. Adekunle Opeyemi

    God is greater and mightier than Yorubas, Hausas, Fulanis, Ijaws, Igbos; hence as many as are ganging up against the will of God for Nigeria must surely fail. Am getting to know why GEJ lost the last election. Before now MASSOB told us they are behind BH, and now telling they had a hidden agenda to bring tears, sorrow and pains with GEJ victory: GEJ was the cause of PDP lost of power and he and his partners ( MASSOB ) shall continue to fail except they repent of their evil tendency

  3. ahha I like this propagandist. Re-start the War now,U may be the first victim of it Big fool nothing meaningful in the War only demons demands War

  4. Nigeria Property

    Are u going to fool them as you fool your ppl?

  5. Ajayi Modupe

    This animal- like- man should be charged for treasonable felony. He will elopes if war breaks out.

  6. Omotayo Amire

    Uwazuruike, you are making a fatal mistake. The Niger Deltans are not supporting your agitation and they will never go with you guys. You are wooing them so as to have control on their God given OIL! That thought and plan is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Sorry o.

  7. Treasure Ozioma

    The war is over. Over and over. You have no geographics to support and wedge a war, nor the resources to finance it, nor the leadership nor the vision!!!.

  8. Jamiu Raji Rassaki

    pls, stop post any news concerning this noise maker body there ar a lot of news that will add value to individual and the nation as whole.

  9. omotola Ladoja

    This man and Nnamdi Kanu supposed to be in prison by now.

  10. Afrishoponline - Nigeria

    Biafran devil war seeker u will die for nothing. Igbo Youth don’t follow this Devil Miscreant to war; Igbos don’t need Biafra to prosper; do not follow him who will not put his families on the forefront of the war. Its not Nigerians fault that the Igbos are yet to produce Nigerian President; but the fault of their selfish leaders who allowed past to shape their present and ruin their future. Biafran war was long over when Ojukwu live long after that and remain peaceful. If Igbos want to rule Nigerians they should have absolute change of heart and leave their past behind to build a better future. Hatred, Malice, Misguidance and Faithless ventures for power lust by evil means shall cause more unbearable lost to igbo. If Biafran seekers has money and weapon to fight war with Nigerians, they should use it to build 2nd Niger Bridge and fight the kidnappers or armed robbers in their region.

  11. Segun Adewake-up

    As Boko Haram war is not over. Buhari will fight them (Biafra and Boko Haram) since they are sisters

  12. Mairo Ochocho

    Joker of the 21st century

  13. Mairo Ochocho

    You don’t know anything about Nigeria…really!!! 1. Azikwe ( igbo man )wanted one Nigeria cos of his political ambition… 2. Nigeria was in regions before..western region Eastern region and northern region guess who canceled regional government an Igbo man by name aguiyi ironsi!! Why did he do it? Ndigbos were the ones at elm of Nigerian affairs!! They wanted to remain dominating even when other tribes were not comfortable with that arrangement!, 3. What was the state of Nigeria before 1966 when an Igbo soldier stood up killed all the Yoruba and hausafulani “kajad” military and political leaders in a coup that spared the lives of Ndigbos but took the lives of Yoruba and Hausa top politicians?….

    Let me answer it…..Nigeria was in perfect state of peace..all the founding fathers were tolerating each other until an IGBO SOLDIER KADUNA NZEOGWU murdered innocent people …. Sardauna wives ( women) brigadier ademulegun pregnant wife (defenseless woman ) lost their lives to the bulletS of EMEKA KADUNA!!! NZEOGWU Law of physics by Isaac Newton said….to every action there is a reaction” ever since the Igbo man committed that crime that murderous crime!!! Nigeria never remains the same again!!! EVERY EVIL WE ARE SEEING NOW IN NIGERAI IS AN UPSHOOT OF THAT EVIL EMEKA KADUNA NZEOGWU PERPETUATED!! Here is my conclusion !! To destroy another man country in a sole attempt to build your own own new country is evil before God and man !! Nigerian ndigbos,,,,,una welldone for believing in nigerIa …BIAFRAN IGBOS…..kedu maka oru? this was a copied piece I love so much

    • Balogun Adesina

      They are being used by the west (The Anglozionist empire to futher their Agenda in Nigeria) This will be stopped agand and agan..

      The same way they are using Wahabi Saudi arabian terroris backed by US, CIA and the NEOcons to futher the same agenda in the Northern part of the country.

      NOw I say back to the sender.. THE west, America will die a painful and slow death. Isreal has no future in the middle east..


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