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Broken News on Nigeria: Economist magazine

The Economist magazine rates Kemi Adeosun poorly and professionally unqualified as the new Nigeria’s finance minister. Did Nigeria become an economic giant and debt-free nation under the international banker and the Ivy League trained world-class economist by the name of Ngozi Iweala? The Economist editorial opinion on Kemi Adeosun is my foot ‪#‎CommonSense‬

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  1. Yusuf Umaru

    The Economist does not get it sometimes. I have had cause to recently question the intellectual authenticity of its editorial. The media can be the message or the moron…

  2. Adekunle Opeyemi

    Though I am an ardent reader of the Economist. No country needs anybody’s approval to appoint any body to any position.

  3. Ejykman Anichebe

    They are senile,the big names were here to do the biddings of IMF,World bank & co. They are the greatest problem emerging economies like Nigeria have

  4. Gbolahan Sotomi

    We had Phd as president and an ivy economist – the result ? GREATEST RUIN AND DISASTER FOR THE NATION !

  5. Aminu Hamisu Yusuf

    Certificate ain’t the yardstick to measure a quality leadership

  6. Babalola Belovedjohn

    It’s a paid job done poorly. But it’s so sad that no commonsense was applied

  7. Owolabi Bodunde

    The Economist is silly and unprofessional in its editorial opinion. When has it become the duty of an international magazine to choose ministers or representatives for a sovereign nation?

    Under their poster girl, Ngozi – the world banker, Nigeria was economically mismanaged with unprecedented pillage of our commonwealth. Under Ngozi, their poster girl with big cheeks, she watched as Nigeria’s revenue was diversified into private pockets while she was busy rebasing economic figures not the economy. Ngozi and her chorus western mags should hide their heads in shame

  8. Leo Churchill

    Their opinion. …which is silly

  9. Shehu Abubakar

    Don’t mind the fools they have checked Kemi’s schools and saw that she graduated from a common university of East London & not Havard or Oxford hence their idiotic conclusion. It is now up to Kemi to prove them wrong.

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