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Pastor paraded in Bayelsa over running Child Trafficking Business

A 4-man kid trafficking syndicate purportedly led by a pastor were paraded before newsmen in Bayelsa state by authorities of the state’s Department of State Security Service after 36 kids (12 young men, 24 young ladies) drawn from distinctive parts of the nation were discovered illicitly in their care. The kids are for the most part from Kaduna, Kebbi and Zamfara states.

They were professedly taken from their guardians in the guise of providing them with better living conditions and training yet were transformed into household laborers. They were transported to states like Rivers, Enugu, Edo and Lagos where they serve as housemaids. The leader of the syndicate who claims to be a pastor denied using the kids as dosmestic workers. He said he gathers the youngsters from their guardians and hands them over to individuals who have “christian hearts” and will send them to school.

The main female captured, Tonbra Alazigha, said she ran a philanthropy cjarity where she provides food for the needs of the kids and purportedly sends them to School. Her claim was however discredited by one of the rescued kids who said she worked at a farm in Bayelsa

“She tell me say she will put me in school. She register me but I use to go farm. I use to sell water for her. The person that brought me don’t know about it” she said
One of the rescued boys confirmed that they worked in farms and sold water for the lady. The 36 children are now in the custody of the Bayelsa state DSS and will be handed over to officials of NAPTIP for further investigations.

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