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Sanwo-olu Performs Ground Breakin Ceremony Of Food Security And Logistics Hub

Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu @jidesanwoolu today performed the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Lagos Central Food Security Systems and Logistics Hub at Ketu-Ereyun, Epe, Lagos.

Earlier this year, Governor @jidesanwoolu launched the 5-Year Agricultural & Food Systems Road Map (2021-2025) in April 2021, The objective is to achieve synergy in all food systems – from production to processing to distribution and preserved in a wholesome way.

The Lagos State Food security systems & Central Logistics Hub which will be built on 1.2 million square metres of land will have the following components:

a. Aggregation/storage facilities.
b. Administrative offices
c. Trading/Brokering facilities.
d. Packaging facilities.
e. Processing facilities.
f. Cold chain/dry goods services
g. Logistics Services/ trailer park
h. Water treatment plant
i. Health centre
j. Fuel station/ Fire station
k. Abattoir and lairage

This Food Security hub will create wealth for more than 5 million people, feed more than 10 million Lagosians, provide food for at least 90 days, and storage facilities for more than 1,500 trucks per day to service thousands of operators per annum and process large transactions.

The project will ensure the highest consideration for consumer protection. Also, specialized logistics and centralized procurement systems on a produce-by-produce basis shall be the major operating system within the hub.

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