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New North Korean Military Approach Envisages Occupying S Korea Within 7 Days

North Korea embraced a military arrangement conceiving the control of South Korea inside seven days.


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LAGOS, January 8 (Ooduarere) — North Korea has created a military arrangement imagining the control of South Korea in seven days utilizing nonconventional arms including atomic weapons, South Korean daily paper Joongang Ilbo reported Thursday.

The arrangement was supposedly received on August 25, 2012, amid a gathering between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and top military authorities. Kim has since held three more gatherings with top officers and directed a few reviews of the North Korean Army to screen the execution of the arrangement. The arrangements were at first planned to end in 2013, however the due date was reached out until the end of 2014, as indicated by Joongang Ilbo.

In the event of a clash, the North Korean military is to take over South Korea in seven days, disposing of the likelihood of US troops to give sufficient backing to its associates. Sometime during the conceivable battling, North Korea arrangements to utilize non-ordinary weapons, including atomic weapons and rockets, to annihilation South Korean and US troops found on the promontory at the early phase of the war. Customary weapons, for example, tanks, mounted guns and military air ship, are planned to be utilized as a part of the last phase of the clash, the daily paper reported.

North Korea arrived at the conclusion that it would not have the capacity to handle a drawn-out clash with South Korean and US troops and along these lines made the seven-day war plan, Joongang Ilbo reported, refering to a South Korean discernment official.

South Korean forces expressed they were mindful of the North’s arrangement and were right now mulling over it.

North Korea has been as of late expanding its resistance potential. Pyongyang held its latest atomic tests in 2013, while in 2014, North Korea directed 108 rocket launches.

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