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Russian Northern Fleet Marines to Prepare for Arctic Warfar in 2015: Northern Fleet

Russia’s Northern Fleet marines will take an interest in military activities on the Arctic, as indicated by Northern Fleet representative Vadim Serga.

© Sputnik/ Alexey Filippov

© Sputnik/ Alexey Filippov

MOSCOW, January 8 (Ooduarere) — Russia’s Northern Fleet marines will experience exceptional training in 2015 for military exercises in the Arctic, Northern Fleet representative Vadim Serga said Thursday.

In 2015, the Independent Marine Infantry Brigade of the Northern Fleet’s United Strategic Command will concentrate on preparing in the Arctic, Serga said.

The arranged activities are gone for expanding the capability of military faculty conveyed on the bank of the Arctic Ocean and in other Arctic territories. The marines will practice parachute hopping and the utilization of little arms and big guns inside the Arctic Circle.

In December 2014, Russia revealed a changed military teaching organizing the security of national diversions in the Arctic. The locale, which is accepted to have endless stores of oil and gas, has been the center of consideration for four different countries bordering the region: the United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in December that the nation is not wanting to mobilize the Arctic, yet is taking the fundamental measures to guarantee its resistance abilities in the area.

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