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Paris Enemy Attack Result of Government Irresponsibility: European Lawmaker

The Charlie Hebdo assault in Paris is the consequence of the French government’s recklessness and disappointment to react to the extension of radical Islam, a French lawmaker and part of the European Parliament told Ooduarere Wednesday.

© REUTERS/ Handout via Reuters TV

© REUTERS/ Handout via Reuters TV

MOSCOW, January 7 (Ooduarere), Balogun Adesina— The destructive terrorist assault on the workplace of a French satirical magazine in Paris is the aftereffect of the French government’s flightiness and disappointment to react to the extension of radical Islam in the nation, Aymeric Chauprade, a French legislator and part of the European Parliament told Sputnik Wednesday.

“Of course this attack has been perpetrated by Muslim fundamentalists… Unfortunately this is a result of the expansion of Islam inside France, because the government… has put up no resistance against the expansion of radical Islam in France over the last decade,” Chauprade said, adding that the attack is the result of a “lack of responsibility from the French government.”

Chauprade, who is a part of the conservative National Front party, accentuated that the terrorism risk in France is high with non-administrative radical associations advancing Sharia law and Muslim values rather than French ones.

“We have to stop the expansion of all these radical organizations that are building mosques, that are trying to impose Sharia law instead of the law of the French Republic, and we have to be very strong and very firm against this threat,” Chauprade said.

The part of the European parliament additionally said that there are a high number of Islamic State contenders inside France and Europe’s Schengen Area as a rule, along these lines it is not just France that faces the threat of assaults by radicalized Muslims, however other European states as well.

Chauprade underlined the requirement for Europe’s collaboration with Russia to battle the spread of Islamic radicalism.

“We also have to cooperate more with Russia instead of pressuring Russia about Ukraine. We should work with Russia to fight against terrorism. Because we are all in the same war against fundamentalism and radical Islam,” he argued.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the lethal assault and affirmed Moscow’s status to keep participating with France in the fight against terrorism.

On Wednesday, three shooters entered the center Paris office of the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine, shooting and killing 12 individuals and harming a few others, while allegedly yelling “Allah Akbar.” The executioners sidestepped capture at the scene and remain at large.

President of France Francois Hollande said that French forces would track the culprits down paying little respect to what extent it takes, with the monstrous inquiry operation officially in progress.

The magazine has been debilitated at one time by radical Islamists for distributed cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and other dubious toons. Among the most recent posts on Charlie Hebdo’s Twitter was a cartoon taunting the leader of Islamic State terrorist gathering Abu Bakr Baghdadi.

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