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At the peak of the Nazi terror in Ukraine, what should anti-fascists and Nazis dо?


by Rostislav Ishchenko

translated by V.

What is bound to happen is bound to happen someday. In 2014, I wrote to appeal to the remaining anti-fascists in Ukraine, urging them to leave the country as soon as possible. I motivated this by the fact that sooner or later the Nazis will begin a complete sweep of the remnants of the pro-Russian asset

There were few options:

1. Ukrainian provocations are reaching the point where Moscow can no longer ignore them and is launching an anti-Nazi operation. Before Russian tanks reached major cities, the Nazis had to massacre pro-Russian activists there (so that Russia would have no one to rely on).

2. The US sets Ukraine on fire from within or smashes it against Russia to create as many problems for Moscow as possible. For the above reason, before Russian tanks could reach major cities, the Nazis would have massacred pro-Russian activists there.

3. No one touches Ukraine. She will be rotten, and she will do it by herself and will begin to fall apart with acceleration. As a result of internal contradictions (the struggle of Nazi-oligarchic gangs for the remnants of the food base), a civil war of all against all breaks out on the remnants of Ukrainian territory, in which the opposing sides accuse each other of “working for the Kremlin” and, solving their problems, not only the asset will be destroyed, but everyone even remotely suspected of sympathizing with Moscow. Before Russia has time to stop the outrage (and no one else will be concerned about it), now – the massacre will reach its peak, and its ferocity will be explained by “Russian aggression”.

In 2014, it turned out that Russia did not have enough forces to conduct an effective operation in Ukraine, and the United States decided to try to create a stable anti-Russian regime in Kiev.

The Americans realized their mistake by 2016, but Obama didn’t have time to change his strategy, and Trump was prevented from doing so by the Democrats, who accused him of “working for the Kremlin.”

By the end of 2020, Russia was generally ready for a military solution to the Ukrainian crisis. The main military, economic, financial and other problems have been resolved, and political and diplomatic means of influencing the situation have been exhausted in relations not only with Ukraine, but also with the West. In the US, Trump has lost power, and nothing prevented Biden from throwing Ukraine off the balance sheet. But at that time, the coronavirus crisis was already raging, slowing down the development of the global political crisis and giving the Kiev regime an extra year of life.

But no matter how the rope twists, but there is an end. Having avoided, due to a combination of circumstances in 2014, an accelerated development of events in one of the three above-mentioned options, by 2022 Ukraine, as a mockery of fate, received all three in the bouquet.

The internal rot has reached the point of direct confrontation between Zelensky‘s team and the old oligarchic teams for the remains of the feed base. Moreover, both sides initially began to use unconstitutional methods to fight each other (repression “by the decision of the National Security and Defense Council” and the threat of a coup d’etat in response). Internal Ukrainian contradictions threatened to blow up the situation at any moment. The United States had neither the energy nor the desire to finance the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine; on the contrary, they were happily preparing to throw Kiev off the balance, while trying to hurt Russia as much as possible.

Moscow has accumulated enough forces to launch an operation to pacify the Nazis before Washington launches the already prepared bloody provocation, which Russia was previously accused of, and not pay attention to the opinion of the West. The consistent refusal of the United States to compromise and the inability of European partners to influence their “big brother” did not leave Russia the opportunity to wait for the natural end of Ukrainian statehood.

The Ukrainian regime is doomed precisely because no one needs it alive anymore. Neither the United States nor Europe wants to continue paying for the banquet of Nazi marginals, but they do not want to admit their failure, trying to present the case in such a way that only “Russian aggression” interrupted the “flourishing” of “young democracy”. As mentioned above, the possibilities of diplomatic maneuvering were exhausted by Moscow. The only (though not guaranteed) way to try to prevent the United States, starting with Ukraine, from unleashing a European (with the threat of escalating into a world) war, was a quick and effective military operation to eliminate the Ukrainian Nazi regime.

It is precisely the elimination of the Nazi regime and the elimination of the potential opportunity to threaten Russia’s security from Ukrainian territory, and not the transformation of the Ukrainian territory incinerated by the Nazis into a blooming garden — that is the goal of the operation. The rest, as Scarlett O’Hara said, we’ll think about tomorrow. After all, tomorrow will be a different day.

But what you should think about today is the Nazi terror against the remnants of Ukrainian anti-fascists (namely, anti-fascists, since not all of them are Russophiles). In full accordance with historical predestination, the inevitability of the liquidation of the Ukrainian Nazi (by the way, these are almost synonymous) state made the surge of Nazi terror inevitable. Unfortunately, the people who remained in Ukraine were completely unprepared for this. The brief fright of the spring of 2014 was replaced by the habit that if the rules of the regime are not violated much, then nothing terrible will happen. It is only necessary not to utter certain forbidden formulas and not to perform certain forbidden actions, and it will be possible to live in moderate security, and some will even continue their political activities.

Unfortunately, I never managed to convince them that the danger was still there, just lurking around the corner, ready to come out at any moment with a jagged knife in one hand and a running knot in the other. The remaining anti-fascists in Ukraine (I would like to emphasize once again that not all Russophiles) justified their decision with a completely infantile consideration: it is impossible, they say, for everyone to leave and leave the country to the Nazis. Someone has to fight on the spot.

I can understand those politicians who tried to get a job as legal opposition to the Nazi regime — this is their earnings (and very good ones). I don’t feel sorry for them. They knew what they were doing. But here are the political scientists, journalists, and social activists who were deceived by these politicians and decided that it was advisable to fight the Nazi regime from within, that it was not so carnivorous (hoping, it will eventually settle down), that the election of a clown instead of a pastry chef opens up peaceful prospects for pacification of the regime, who did not understand that all their “freedoms” – nothing more than a game of a self-confident cat with a stupid mouse, they all need to be saved. Despite the fact that our capabilities are limited, and the Nazi killers have already begun to act.

Staged videos have already been released Vasily Volga, Yuri Dudkin, Dmitry Dzhangirov, control over their accounts in social networks was intercepted. I would love to be wrong, but if we see any of them alive, it will be a miracle. They are no longer needed by the scum who kidnapped them, who clearly do not want to spend time and effort on feeding and protecting their captives. Their task is to capture and force the next victim to condemn “Russian aggression” on camera. Those whom they have already captured and broken are not just spent material, but unwanted witnesses who can tell the world community a lot of interesting things about the Nazi methods of working with the opposition in Ukraine.

There is another problem. The SBU (and the purge is conducted under its auspices) does not just destroy a conditional pro-Russian asset (that is, those who are able to build a normal new life in Ukraine in cooperation with Russia). It clears space for its cadres, selected from Maidan activists who are not too stained by cooperation with the Nazi regime, who can “see the light” and go to work in the newly created authorities in small and inconspicuous positions, but allow them to informatively and administratively support the Bandera underground, sabotage the denazification work, if possible removing Bandera activists from the blow and substituting pro-Russian or simply anti-Nazi activists. The fewer more or less adequate citizens remain in Ukraine, the easier it will be for pro-Bandera activists to infiltrate the new government, preparing for the revival of Bandera.

Therefore, potential competitors of the SBU and its militants are cleared without mercy.

It is clear that only the arrival of the Russian army can finally bring the surviving anti-fascists out of harm’s way. But the army cannot speed up the operation for the sake of a few dozen or even hundreds of individuals who are unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So we should be able to wait for it’s arrival.

So I will repeat what I once said to the deceased Oles Buzina and a couple of times wrote in my articles. We don’t need dead heroes, we need live companions. No need to be shy about hiding, no need to reflect because of the need to write nothing in social networks for a couple of weeks. The fact that you don’t express your opinion once again will not change anything: the operation will be completed and its support by the Russian society will not fall. Your audience will calmly wait for you to return to active social life and will only be glad that you are alive and well.

You can and even need to throw yourself with a grenade under a tank when Moscow is behind you, and you are defending the last defensive line. But if our troops finish off the enemy on the streets of Berlin, saving the lives of future builders of the post-war world is much more important than speeding up the process of destroying the last enemy strongholds. It is better to wait until the artillery comes up, than to be a senseless hero.

If you think that someone may come for you, then change your place of residence, hide for a while with reliable people, where no one will think to look for you. Hide in a safe place relatives who can blackmail you — these creatures will stop at nothing.

If they do get their hands on you, tell them what they want on camera. Still, no one will believe that you changed your position, especially after their most severe punctures with Volga, Dudkin and Dzhangirov, which they almost recorded on the same couch. Do not risk your relatives if they are in the hands of the Nazis.

Even if you were taken alone and you are sure that you are able to endure all the tortures and not break down, it is better not to experiment. In fact, one can break almost any person, especially if the executioners are resourceful and have enough time. Moreover, judging by how little attention they pay to the minimal plausibility of their videos, their main task is not to use you for propaganda, but to break you and show the world broken, satisfying the animal instinct of the Maidan party, which began by putting its political opponents on their knees, and ended with their brutal murders.

Just do everything in order to survive and try not to fall into the hands of these fanatics.

Well, I want to tell the Nazis themselves: run. Don’t think that you will all be able to escape in time. Only the most hurried ones will have time. Hurry up, do not waste time on senseless revenge. Your main chance to escape, whoever takes it first, may soon become an expensive museum rarity, because after the end of the operation, it will be no easier to see a live Ukrainian Nazi than to meet a snowman. Remember that by wasting your precious time searching for, torturing, and murdering our comrades, you are putting your worthless lives at risk.

In any case, do not stop in Western Ukraine — run on. You, because of your stupidity and greed, tracked so much that they will definitely find you. You, trying to warm your hands on donations from people in support of the Dzhangirov channel, entered the bank card details of your accomplice’s Sergey Pritula. Do you think he won’t hand you all over?

Let’s say you can kill Pritula — it’s not a pity. You think no one saw your license plates or your faces when you organized the kidnappings. Do you think that your colleagues from neighboring Ukrainian Security Service units do not know what you were doing and will not hand you over completely to prove their loyalty to the new government? Think about it if you can. They are just like you, and you will sell your own mother for a penny, trying to curry favor with any government. Your last chance in a quick escape. Run to Europe and teach Germans, French, Poles and other Swedes to love Ukraine. They deserve it. Hurry up, the Europeans will soon realize that you are a plague worse than the Asian-African militants of the failed “caliphate” and close the border.

I advise those who try to hide behind human shields in besieged cities to surrender. The army simply surrender, and the various “guards” and “territorial defenses” surrender collectively. So you will avoid the danger of being shot in the back by your own “brothers”, outraged that you were ahead of them in the process of saving their carcasses. In addition, the Nazis surrendering battalions, regiments, brigades and entire “territorial defenses” are far from zero chances to survive to denazification, and some even in 15-20 years to be released. Otherwise, the “cyborgs” at the Donetsk airport did not listen to reasonable advice, did not give up collectively, and then, in the course of the battle, it somehow did not work out individually-it’s difficult, you know, to make out who is surrendering there and who is still shooting. So raise your white flags and move in formation to the nearest position of the Russian troops. You will live almost all of them.

I understand that some will condemn me for the content of the appeal to our and not our people. But I will repeat once again: we do not have the sad need for dead heroes today, and there are already dead heroes. It is better that more heroes remain alive, even if this means that they will not be able to perform their heroic feat. Because good people should live as long as possible.

As for our enemies, the more willing they are to surrender and the faster they run, the faster we will complete the operation and the fewer of our soldiers and our comrades who fought in the occupied territory will die. We don’t have any extra people — the extra ones are fleeing to the West.

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